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4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Help You Get More Social Shares For Your Business

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Social Media Marketing is one of the major components of Internet marketing and has become a buzzword today, it is a vital element for today’s online businesses. One of the reason why social media has become so important these days is the huge number of people already registered on social networks & this number is increasing day by day.

Social media is being used as a branding tool & it has become a technique to generate quality traffic to your website. It helps in generating business through social pages, online social groups, forums, communities, contests & social communications. Through social media one can increase conversion, add exposure, generate qualified leads, increase page views, track sales & ROI, build community, add buzz to your product/service in a very cost effective way.

4 tips on effective social media marketing to get more social shares for your business are as follows:

1. Increasing the no. of followers: – For any brand/product to succeed on social network it is important for them to have huge network of followers.  This is the initial step in enhancing the social shares of the brand’s site. Having followers is not the end of story the bigger picture is to engage them. Engagement can be done through continuous posting of quality content. The more quality content you post the more you have the chance of followers sharing, commenting, liking and re-tweeting it.

2. Concentrating on creation of unique content: – For any brand or product to succeed it has to have its own unique selling proposition among its competitors. A product/service or a content which is unique, increases its chance of getting more and more imprints or shares. Users tend to share content which is different and unique in its nature. Thus, aim should be to create more and more unique content which delivers the right message of the brand/service.

3. Creating customized content for different social platforms: – One needs to look out of social networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. There’s also tumbler, Pinterest, Slideshare, Youtube, Linkedin etc.

Companies can create or transform their text-based content in different forms, such as converting them into slide presentations, visual content (infographic, instructor graphic, memes, inspirational image quotes, etc.) and videos.

Publish this content where it’s appropriate and start building your following base on these other networks as well. Promote and cross promote these content through different social networks where you already have a strong following. This would also provide you with an opportunity of making your followers follow you on other social websites. For e.g. you can share a link of your video present on your youtube channel on either FB or twitter which would not only invite more traffic/followers on your page but at the same time increases the chance of sharing it.

4. Managing events on social networks: – Running events on different social network is another good way of increasing followers and in turn more sharing of your content.

Some of the most popular events which can be run on social networks are

  • Opinion polls on FB.
  • Social contests/competition on FB (with the best/fastest answer getting rewarded)
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • Twitter chats or Q&As (like #SEOChat)
  • Q & A sessions on your Facebook fan page or Google+ business page

This is yet another good strategy of increasing traction and engaging your followers.

These are few tips which can help in increasing more followers and subsequently more sharing of content.

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