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4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Get The Best Out Of Facebook

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Get The Best Out Of FacebookFacebook is one of the most popular social media networks with the  highest number of users to its credit. Here are 4 social media   marketing tips to get the best out of Facebook.

  1.Create a professional Look For Facebook page:

 These days, majority of people have a personal account on Facebook. The personal page links shared with acquaintances and family members, are personal in nature.  Create a separate Facebook page for handling business activities.One should make sure that business page seems professional and appealing with the following tips to be kept in mind:

  • Create a business page with target market in mind.
  • The profile image should look professional, impressive with good clarity. Ideally,one should get the photograph taken from any professional photographer. Be pleasant with a smiling face in your profile image as it can add  value to your business page.
  • Set your profile image size at 180*108 pixels and the banner size at 815*315 pixels.

4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Get The Best Out Of Facebook2.Build Recognizable Consistent Brand:

 One should keep a consistent look on the Facebook business page.  Always remember that the profile image is your business brand    image and frequent changes should be avoided.The profile picture  should be easily recognizable by people. One can establish      stability by maintaining the same profile image for all  social media  sites meant for business so that it becomes easier for people to  confirm that they landed on the right profile.

Focus on a specific market niche. The profile should not appear like a mixture of different professions,training and expertise. For instance, if a person is in the network marketing industry, and if that person add things related to gardening or some other skills then the business page may not attract many viewers. So focus on the niche market and make your business profile accordingly.

3.Facebook Application Tab 4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Get The Best Out Of Facebook

One should make use of Facebook Application tabs. Get enrolled for some social media marketing courses that teaches about Facebook Application Tab in case you lack skills in this area.

  • Create a welcome video on Facebook Application Tab and  the welcome video will welcome all your visitors to your page. Keep a professionally shot video and include  reasons for people to like this Facebook page.
  • Include offers that may attract your niche market on Facebook Application tab. Create an offer page where visitors and you can share contact details so that you can establish connection afterwards and build valuable relationships. This is really significant as the main aim of any social media activity is to strengthen relationship with people and increase their engagement on your business page.

  4.Build Fan Base and Engage Them Consistently4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Get The Best Out Of Facebook

Once the Facebook business page is set up, one need to build a Fan   Base to achieve higher engagements. You can build your fan base      from people who are looking for your offers and services or people  who are active in your niche. One can build a fan base  in two    ways.

  • Firstly, start engaging with your friends on your personal Facebook page. Some of your personal contacts may be in the same line of business or at least related to the same business indirectly. Invite them to become your fan. For example: If you are in the business of selling baseballs, then adding friends who play that sport will be a great idea.
  • Secondly, run an advertisement with an offer on Facebook fan page and this will fetch good results. One can place their advertisement based on the budget parameters. It is very easy to set up advertisement on the Facebook business page. You can see on the right hand side, an area where you can set your daily budget. This is a nice and transparent system where a track can be kept on how many ‘Likes’  you get. Set your budget parameters and get started with you deal.4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Get The Best Out Of Facebook

Once your fan base is set up, involving them in your Facebook business page is very important. In decree to construct a sustainable occupation, one requires to possess substantial relationships with masses of the same niche. If someone commented that you got a lot of nice products and  many more comments for you to back on, then respond them by commenting back with a compliment.

Go to other people’s fan pages in your niche and post a compliment on their wall as well so that you like their fan page/recent post ortheir profile picture and engage them positively. Let them know that you are a real person and this is the only way you can create engagement on Facebook.

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      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The suggestions given in the post are worth reading and following. Yes, it is important not to change the profile photo of a business/brand, unless there is split in relationship/partnership as happened in Hero-Honda. In that case, it is accepted.

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