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4 Social Media Marketing Tips To Promote Your Brand Through A Video

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Use of videos for marketing of businesses has seen a great jump in the last decade beacuse whether small, big or entrepreneurs, all are utilising videos in the digital marketing landscape to gain more and more clients. Below are few social media marketing tips that can be used to promote your brand through videos.

1. Using YouTube For Marketing

YouTube is world’s largest video sharing platform that generates more than $3 billion views everyday about 35 hrs. of footage is uploaded on YouTube every hour despite these great statistics a lot of business have still underutilized the benefits of video marketing. It is a well-known fact that people prefer reading/learning about a product or a service through a video rather than a text. Video produces unique experience and content it also helps in search engine rankings as well. After recent Google panda update websites utilizing videos ranked much more higher in search engines than sites just using texts. Using videos is more viable option for your business than using texts. YouTube allows you to have your own channel. Here you can market/post videos of your product/service, add more viewers/subscribers. Cos. can use teaser trailers on YouTube before the launch of the product or service.

2. Using Video For Addressing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As a business owner you should probably know which questions your clients/ customers usually or most frequently asks. You should be able to move ahead and dress yourself in advance by making your website experience much better for the user. Take for example you are product manufacturing co. running co. owned stores. Now your customers may have some general and frequent queries like information regarding product installation, product delivery details, manufacture warranty conditions, extended warranty terms and conditions, cash on delivery details, return and exchange policies etc. Now generally a user would feel little uncomfortable in going through or reading all these details in text but if you are providing videos of all these terms and policies it would be much more convenient for prospective clients to understand it. You can also go on your Facebook page and provide links for these videos.

3. Video Testimonial

A general trend before buying is researching about the product. One of the best way to convince prospective customers to buy your product is through testimonials. Again a testimonial where you can watch videos of past and current customers of the product/service giving positive feedback, will have more lasting impact on your buying decision as compared to written text. This is because a textual testimonial also can be falsified which is less likely in case a video. A video does not only have first and second initials of the person but a live visual which adds more credibility. You can promote these testimonials on your FB and Twitter handle through links.

4. Video Utilized On “How To Do It?”

Another great usage of a video for businesses/brands is the facility of giving product demonstrations. For example you buy a 3D television or a CRM software. Now it is quite cumbersome for customers to go through the 50/70 page user manual book provided with these products. This can be simplified if we add up a “Walk-Through” video describing and actually carrying out the whole process of installation as well as usage of the product or the software. This not only improves the user’s experience as it shows “How to do it” but also saves much time as he does have to go through the 60 pages long texts.

Thus, utilizing video for marketing is a smart and wise strategy as most people would rather learn by watching than reading texts. Videos not only adds more credibility but also showcases businesses/brands as experts in their respective fields.

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  • There are 5 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Karun Takkar   /   Reply

      Hi Mayank – I appreciate your efforts in above content……However, I find paragraphs loaded with content (huge paragraphs) as a reader. Also, embedding a video here youtube from with every tip can a suggestion. For example:- A video showing marketing campaign or video answering the audience’s question etc

      • 5 years ago

        Mayank   /   Reply

        Thanks for your suggestions karun, it would indeed add up to the overall experience.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The meaning here is not clear: “a great jump in the last decade beacuse whether small, big or entrepreneurs, all are utilising videos”. But, here you have rightly started your blog. The purpose and scope of the post is clear.

      • 5 years ago

        Mayank   /   Reply

        Thanks Mr Goswami. Well this sentence was to highlight the increasing importance and use of videos by all kind of businesses (Big/SME’s/startups) for their promotion in recent times especially so in last ten years.

    • 5 years ago

      Matt   /   Reply

      These techniques are really great. But I think apart from these techniques Facebook and Google Plus can also play a vital role to enhance once’s business.

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