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4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Out Now

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4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Out NowSocial media tricks can help marketers to enhance connections and thereby reach out to more customers.

Here are four important social media marketing tricks that any marketer needs to be aware of when work on to improve engagement levels online.

1. Make all positive comments on Facebook visible to public

In general, 35% of comments received on Facebook pages are compliments. These comments will get piled up over a period of time and are often hidden inside the ‘Recent posts by other’ link. How to make these comments visible? In fact, there is an interesting way to make these comments appeared on public timeline and attract more visibility.

  • For that, visit the activity log. Here is the link to go to activity page: Holder’s UserName/all activity. Replace “Account Holder’s User Name” with the user’s Facebook user name to land on the right page.
  • Click on “Post by others” link shown on the left side of the activity page.
  • Now, press the pencil icon shown at right side of the post that need to be visible on timeline. A drop down menu will be shown now. Choose ‘Allowed’ option from the menu list.

4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Out Now

2. Make contents format on Google + more appealing and distinctive

Google+ allows its account holders to change the formatting font within the post. One can make the fonts bold, and strike-through text before sharing the contents. Use some of the following features to  make the Google+ posts stand out from the rest.

  • To set the text in bold characters: Include asterisks (*) before and after the text to make it bold.
  • To set the text in italic format: Add underscore symbol (_) before and after the text.
  • To make the text bold and italic: Insert an asterisk followed by an underscore at the beginning and at the end of the sentence or word.
  • To strike-through a text: Add a hyphen (-) at the start and the end of a word or sentence to include a line through the selected text.

3. Customize appearance on Twitter

To make a brand successful, that brand needs to be stand out from the competitors in all spaces, including social media networks. This will boost professional appearance and identity of the brand. However, most of the social media networks do not allow its account holders to change the appearance of the profile page. But Twitter has that wonderful option of customizing profile in place. Follow the instruction shown below to customize the Twitter profile.

4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Out Now

  • Open settings on Twitter page and then choose ‘Design’ link from the list of options shown on left-hand side.( To open settings, click on the gear icon shown on the top right corner)
  • Now, choose a preferred theme to customize the Twitter profile. Background wallpaper can also be changed to a more catchy picture. Click on ‘Change background’ tab and then choose the preferred picture from the computer.
  • Try a few themes that represent the company’s brand and business type.

4 Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Try Out Now4. Make LinkedIn company updates more impressive

LinkedIn is having a lot of options to make it highly helpful in the business. Always use images and videos in the contents and share them on LinkedIn. This way marketers can enhance the content visibility and encourage more engagements.

Use YouTube video links and Slide Share presentation links extensively as these visuals can make a LinkedIn profile page look different and more appealing inside the LinkedIn news feed. Followers can view shared YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations from their feed.

Visuals can really improve engagement levels and connections to a great extend. Research studies show that  YouTube videos links posted on LinkedIn would bring 75 percentage more share ratings whereas images on the same platform would likely to bring 98 percent more comment rate. These findings show us the importance of using more visuals in the social media contents.

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