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4 Steps You Need To Follow For A Successful Video Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Lifestyle is changed, people now a days don’t want to spend their time in reading word by word, they quickly scan the important points and just move away. The only thing which their eye grabs is the video into it. People love to watch video and you can find video in every part of your life. Earlier it was not included in education system but now with the boom of video learning based program, students are also taking benefit of it and this education system is everywhere. Video based marketing is increasing dramatically. Wherever you look, you will find video every where whether its a news, social networks or any sales promotion. A video is a tool of marketing which effects on the human emotions, you can only write about a particular scenario or a product, but with writing you cannot attach with your customers emotions, which a video can do. When we talk about inbound marketing, the first thing which comes into our mind is, its a way to attract customers, connect and engage them and delight your customers. Following are the 4 important steps to follow for a successful video inbound marketing:

 1. Identification of your target audience:

target-audienceThis is one of the most important factor, which cannot be overlooked. While designing video for your promotion, you must know your audience you are targeting. If your brand or product or services contains educational or financial services and with such kind of product if you put video of a model dancing on Bollywood style, it will be irrelevant for the users and will not create any impact. Result your money on the advertisement got wasted and marketing campaign too.

2. Re-purpose your interesting topics:

Repurpose-Content-e1365667860770This is an interesting part, as we all know many of the bloggers write blogs for multipurpose. Re-purpose your content that you have already created and was appreciated, like it was a blog post or presentation. Now turn that content into one or two page script, read it in front of a camera with emotions and with good presentation skills, make your own video. This method will create more impact on your audience.


3. Be movable:

Allow comments, downloads, embed links and URL shortcuts for the users to give their feedback on your video post. Features like these makes your video viral and popular among  the audience. This not only allows your viewers the freedom to share their view, but with the comments and reviews given by them generates web traffic and influence others to view your video.

4. Get your viewers to the right place:

Getting a viewer to watch your video is great, but its not the reason for which you have posted a video. What you want is sale. So while posting a video its important to not to hassle or annoy your viewer by popups, but you can also not expect for a click by just mentioning your web link. You need to have a CTA( Calls To Action ) button, for the user to redirect and capture them as a lead.

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    • 5 years ago

      Ummer   /   Reply

      Could you please give an example for the point 2, Re-purpose of topic? This is a new concept to me and I yet to understand the same. Will it create any impact on Google ranking because of content duplication?

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