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4 Tips To Boost Your Facebook Engagement

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform and currently has around 800 million users.1

As a marketer, one has a tremendous opportunity to make use of this platform to build one’s business. In our personal life, we always check the Facebook account of a person before going on a date or hiring someone or meeting someone for the first time. It is also obvious that the other party would also be doing the same before meeting you. Hence, it is important for us to build our personal brand and the same gets reflected in each and every blog or post one creates. Similarly, any marketer also needs to build the presence of his brand on social media to be able to successfully promote his business. Here are a few tips one can use to increase one’s engagement on Facebook and promote one’s business.

“About me” Section2

It is very important to fill out the “About me” section in your Facebook account. A lot of people who visit your account click on this section to know more about you or your business. Hence, it is very crucial to keep this data updated so that when people come looking for details about you or your business, they get this information easily. This will ensure that the process of engagement is not hampered and happens without any effort.

It is also vital in understanding the tone of your Facebook page. That is, when someone looking at your profile should like to get engaged with you by getting to know the tone. One way to going is by reviewing your last few posts. Make sure that the posts are not either about the troubles in your like or just forwards that you keep getting from your acquaintances. It should be a good balance of everything that represents your personality.

Use Visual Aid

Another way to get people to like your profile is by using visual aid. Using visual aid, one can impress fans and inspire them to follow you or connect with you. An easy way of getting started is to share one’s story and brand visually.

There are 3 aspects to this thought:

Sharing Core Values

If your core value is adventure related activities, then make sure to post photos of your weekend hikes and other travel related pics. On the other hand, if you are a family man and more into spending family time, then your posts should include pictures must be of family get together, family meetups, etc.

Share Your Passions

Another effective way to get who share similar interests as you do is by posting pictures of your passion or things that you like to do. This is a sure shot way to attract clients who share similar interests as you do and this can help you infuse them into your business profiling.

Share and Engage with Your Purpose

It is also a good thing to share the purpose of your business. For example, if your purpose is related to education, then share posts related to knowledge. If you are into matrimony, then post stories about how you got people introduced and connected in real life. All this can be done by posting introductions on their timeline which shall be visible to everyone.

Engaging with people and their emotions is also a very effective way to develop strong engagement. This helps in being memorable and staying in people’s mind so as to ensure brand recall. For example, it is a good practice to wish someone on his or her timeline or post a picture or incident that reminds you of him/her. In this way, try and make more number of engagement trials with your friend list and then branch out to friend’s friend list as well.

Check Your “OTHER” Inbox

It has been seen quite a number of times that is someone who is currently not your friend or is connected with you, then they may be forced to send out a direct message to you which will land up in your OTHER inbox. And it is a well known issue that is faced by most people that the OTHER inbox is seldom checked. Hence, it a is good practice to periodically check one’s OTHER inbox to ensure that such messages are not lost out.

Create a Facebook Group

This is a very efficient and creative way to develop good engagement with Facebook users. One can create a group which focuses on your business concept. For example, if your business focuses on women centric issues and brands used mainly by women then create a group like “most powerful women” or “women power”. You will find that there are lots of people who would like to engage with this concept. They would like to share their views, posts, etc that inspired them to feel connected with this concept of women power.

Another simple way is to join group of people whom you would like to follow but who are not close enough to be your friends. These can be celebrities like politicians, actors, authors, etc. One can follow their status or like their posts or page. One can also add them to one’s influencers list. In this way, one can remain up to date with the group activities without actually getting directly connected to the same.

In a nutshell, it is important for one to regularly monitor and update one’s activities and posts of one’s Facebook page. Using the tips discussed above, one can easily get good engagement levels and can maintain the same without requiring too much of effort. It is important to use the method which is suitable for the business under consideration and consistently look at ways to better the same. It goes without saying that a bit of planning and sharing can fire up your engagement levels on Facebook and help you achieve your objectives. In this way, using Facebook which is one of the most popular and used social media platform can go a long way in promoting one’s brand and business objectives.

Image Credit: nbcnews, recrutingblogs

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