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4 Tips To Leverage Mailchimp And Make Email Marketing Campaign A Success

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Email marketing is one of the most widely used marketing strategies for a wide range of businesses. One of its major advantages over other marketing strategies is low cost involved which is a boon for low budget businesses as well as the new start-ups. The way it works for well established businesses and the new ones is different but the results it brings in are quite appreciable. This blog discusses a very important email marketing tool called MailChimp. This tool is new in the market but has proved its usefulness for the email users quite early. The following are 4 tips to leverage this tool and reap the rewards soon:

1) Reactivation Campaign Becomes Easy

MailChimp is a good tool to help you launch a reactivation campaign. Reactivation campaign helps in determining the lost subscribers who are nothing more than dead wood for the business as there is no business generation from them. The subscribers can be earned with careful planning before launching the campaign again with MailChimp. The subscribers can be reached easily through emails but only if they open up the received emails and read them. There is no point of sending emails if they are not read by the receivers. A failed campaign can be revived effectively with MailChimp and set the stage for higher returns in a shorter period of time. Before going for designing a new email campaign, it is recommended to have a close look at the behaviour of the email receivers i.e. are they really not interested in an email or they have just set it aside for a review later. After collecting the data on the same, an email reactivation campaign can be used to sail the ship across without any high monetary investment.

2) List Segmentation Becomes Easy

A targeted list of subscribers can be formed with the help of this tool. This plays an important role in carrying out marketing in a targeted manner as the content is designed in a focused manner with a more personal touch to it. The readers can easily connect with the message and find it easy to respond on the same. Such responses are quite valuable for the businesses as they are generated naturally and are genuine and unbiased. The subscribers can be categorised correctly and can be send the emails that appeal to them.

A major reason for the receivers to ignore an email is that it is simply irrelevant to them which is not only a waste of time but also result in poor returns from an email marketing campaign. The email open rate and the click through rate increase with few relevant changes in the structure of an email. Whereas, the bounce rate and the unsubscription rate reduces to a great extent if there is proper planning and careful implementation of the email campaign through MailChimp.

3) Advertise To The Target Audience

MailChimp cannot help you set a targeted list of subscribers but can also prove to be your trustworthy ally in the advertising campaign launched on Twitter and Facebook. The email subscribers can easily obtain the information about the recent launches or programmes that are advertised on the social networking sites and a new communication channel is opened up. This is the route which has huge potential of higher returns in the future as the people who are really interested in the products or services are able to connect with the brand in a better way with not just confining themselves as leads but happily converting themselves into loyal customers who are well aware about the business and take informed decisions.

4) Track The MailChimp Activities

What is the purpose of investing money in an endeavour that is dead and does not brings in the desired results? Or, it fails just because the activities were not tracked well and the campaign went out of control in terms of monetary investment in the same? To avoid any of these undesirable situations, it is a wise idea to club a wonderful tool such as MailChimp with another good web analytics say Google Analytics which is available free of cost.

The email campaign(s) that are run through the MailChimp must be tracked properly so as to avoid any duplication in the emails or any other activity that results in funds leakage. In order to be highly effective, analytics tool must be used to track every single activity irrespective of its magnitude. It is often seen that there are no big mistakes in the major activities but the reason of failure actually lies in the lower spectrum of activities which are generally easy to miss out. The important aspects of an email campaign such as open rate, bounce rate or click through rate when tracked well result in a much greater boost with the same campaign, thus, eliminating the need of designing a new campaign on the whole.

As a bonus, here are some handy tips to improve the email structure and gain better results with no additional monetary investment:

a) Subject Lines

A subject line is the first thing that is seen by the receiver and hence, it should be catchy yet informative about the content packed inside. This presents a very tricky situation as the user scans the subject line only for 7-9 seconds, according to various trustworthy surveys. The game begins here and must also be won here itself!

b) Placement Of Core Message

The core message of an email must find a suitable place in the email design/structure so as to elicit a favourable response from the readers. For example: a call-to-action must be placed strategically at the top of the mail without having an aggressive tone. The supporting content should be reader-friendly and informative in order to make the campaign a successful endeavour.

Hope the above discussed tips will prove to be helpful in saving lot of money, time and energy invested in an email marketing campaign. Use MailChimp and relive yourself from the unnecessary burden of performing mundane activities manually ad rather channelize the precious time and energy into other creative tasks such as content development.

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