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4 Tips To Make Ecommerce Business Successful Through Twitter

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Certainly Twitter is one of the most popular and up to the minute social media platform. Twitter has over 288 million active accounts and it witness 500 million tweets every day. As e-commerce is internet based business its success lies in virtually connecting with its respective audience. There is no dispute that Twitter is an effective platform to connect with your audience. Twitter does help e-commerce business in improving brand awareness, also monitor brand reputation. Twitter becomes word of mouth for a brand and thus one can get instant feedback from its customers about its products or service.

twitterTwitter definitely helps in growth of e-commerce business. But the strategies should be implemented in a channelized way. So conquer Twitter sphere with these four insightful tips.

Tip number 1: Incorporate branding element

Remember your Twitter presence is extension of your online business. It’s your brand which is representing itself on Twitter. So it should have its authentic representation. In order to achieve this incorporate brand color, brand logo, brand slogan or sign, brand texture. Twitter presence should be no way different from original form of the brand. Profile photo on Twitter should be your brand logo or may be your own photo in order for better connectivity with followers. In the bio section include brief intro about you brand and do mention your website or blog link.

Do write about yourself as people like to connect with people rather than brand. Be interesting, informative and updating. Tweet should have your brand tone. Build connection with your followers as Twitter is about conversation. Be a part of trending conversation or hash-tag. Re-tweet if you like a tweet. It encourages your followers as Re-tweeting equal to appreciation. Keep your followers updated with brand information. Share your brand journey and vision for the future. Don’t forget to mention your brand’s uniqueness.

Tip number 2: Prepare for customer service

In any business key to success is customer satisfaction. Be interactive with you followers. Keep it a two-way communication not just one way. Willingly provide excellent customer service online. Be swift. Yes, be swift in answering customer queries. Studies show that around 70% customer complaints are never entertained on Twitter. Even if they get response it takes over 4 hours. This delay in response disappoints customer and thus there is a risk in losing a customer. Its estimate that over 80% customer feedback is in negative form. But negative feedback should not be left unanswered. If a negative tweet remains without response, it can generate negative perception about the brand. The best response is not deleting the tweet but responding as soon as possible and show to your customers that their concern is your concern.

Responsible customer service is always helpful for your business. Feedback is significant for your business if there is a positive response from customer be rapid in re-tweeting it. Encourage conversation with your customers. Have a dedicated customers service handle like @’brand name’ support. Make sure your service response has substance, it should not be bunch of irrelevant replies to customers. Provide helpful content. Gracefully accept criticism from your customers. Be polite in interaction with your customers.

Tip number 3: Monitor beyond Twitter and promote with Twitter background

Look beyond connect page on Twitter. You can actually search status update. Twitter has this advantage for ecommerce business over Facebook and LinkedIn. Go beyond monitoring just the replies with your @username or brand name. Instead explore by searching status update with you brand name, unique product and business leaders. For efficient Twitter use save the search on Twitter itself or else have Twitter management tool like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck. This tools have manage analytic.

Also use Twitter in promoting your other social media platform. Add links of other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on your Twitter page. Add links and generate traffic to your respective social media platforms. Let your customer know that you have presence on other social media too. Market your other social media platforms through twitter.

Tip number 4: Measure referral traffic to site

It’s not just about implementing a social media marketing campaign but measuring output from such campaign is also crucial. Google analytics help to track goals. Google analytics is used to check referral traffic to your website from Twitter. Result is measured in term of returns from your Twitter presence. Set up your goal in terms of returns. Google analytics help setup various goals from mailing lists to shopping card transaction. Google analytics definitely help in determine success of marketing campaign by providing social media reports sector under traffic source. Google analytics helps you in viewing referrals. Referrals are like a recommendation from one website to another. These referrals gives you better perception that how customers find your website. Referral traffic can be tracking code which is present on another website.

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    • 4 years ago

      Anchal   /   Reply

      Very informative blog. Twitter a social media platform is very much popular amongst users and if used in a well planned way then it may turn out to be very useful for any business.

    • 3 years ago

      Suraj Soni   /   Reply

      Twitter is a great platform for the online marketing and second most populor after facebook.

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