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4 Tips to Optimize Videos for Better Ranking in YouTube

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There are simple ways to improve traffic and to optimize videos for better ranking in YouTube. Content should be engaging so that viewers enjoy watching, this will help your videos to show up in search results more often.

Focusing on making the videos much engaging, great to watch, return to and sharing will be useful. Titles, descriptions and designing should be in such a way that they are more appealing to viewers. Here are the simple tips to optimize videos for better ranking in YouTube.

Tips to Optimize Videos for Better Ranking in YouTube


1. Metadata

Metadata is referred to information about the video. This includes the title, description, tags, category, subtitles and closed captions. Metadata will help in connecting to right audience. Misleading metadata will be recognized in gaming discovery algorithms which may lead to removal of the video and a strike against the algorithm.

a. Describing the video in simple words will be helpful. Giving the brief idea about what the video is will be easy for viewers to understand not all the topics or words is mandatory to cover.

b. Viewers whose native language is different, may want to view the video. adding subtitles, closed captions and translated description for the videos will be helpful for non-native language speakers.

c. Avoiding Metadata can be misleading.

2. Enhancing & Optimizing Videos

Apart from metadata there are other things which will help in enhancing & optimizing videos

a. Observe how titles and descriptions appear in search results, suggested videos, What to Watch, etc. Shorter titles works best because long titles can be decreased depending on available width.  Good descriptions add context to the video when it is referred in search results. Consider replacing links from the top of the  description with relevant text that gives context for prospective viewers.

b. Have an engaging thumbnail. Don’t make it misleading, but remember that many times viewers make decisions at a look, so take the time to give them a reason to watch your video instead of other results. Here is an example.

3. Suggest Videos & Subscriber notifications

Suggested videos include other videos, playlists, and channels to the viewers. Similarly, What to Watch and My Subscription pages present updates from channels to which viewers have subscribed. My Subscriptions displays the most recent activity from all channels that a viewer subscribes to. Take advantage of these strategies for increasing your visibility and viewership.

a. Use playlists and annotations to program your viewers’ behaviors. These can help influence what YouTube suggests in related videos for your viewers.

b. Be an active uploader, commenter, and curator. subscribers can be notified in the What to Watch and My Subscriptions sections when video is  (even other creators’ videos) to the playlists, when a video is “liked”, and when commented on videos. These notifications can help to keep audience coming back for more.

c. If the content is grouped into seasons or episodes, using a consistent naming structure will be helpful so that YouTube’s systems can know which episode to suggest next.

d.  If the videos are uploaded multiple times a day then your subscribers may feel “spammed” by the channel, so take advantage of the “Notify subscribers” option in the video editing page to avoid too-frequent upload notifications if the channel falls into this category.

e. Share the videos on linked social platforms so it will be easy to reach off-site audience members, who can then continue watching videos from links in the end cards and annotations, playlists, or our algorithmic suggestions.

Apart from these Channel views i.e, as with video views, the channel stats will contribute towards your rankings.

4. Tent-Pole events

A big event, or what many call as a tent-pole event, is an event that has broad appeal to the audience.

Example: Big events can be holidays, large cultural events (like award shows or sporting matches), rallies around social causes, or even trending topics in media. Television networks and popular YouTube channels have even had success creating their big events like Discovery Network’s Shark Week etc.

Aligning video content around big events allows in building up fans base and enhancing the countability of the channel.

For instance, a cooking channel may be able to reach and target more people by creating videos specifically around food-themed holidays. Creating videos around a tent-pole event takes planning and promotion. The choosing a name for the event can be critical to its success.

Be sure in choosing a memorable name that outstanding from other similar videos on YouTube so that viewers can easily associate it with the channel. Remember, other channels will release most similar content that addresses the same tent-pole event , so make the video stand out!


All this data can help to learn from what does and doesn’t work, and improving the effectiveness of your video content and to help to improve visibility. 

Credits: YouTube

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