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4 Tips To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

4 Tips To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

4 Tips To Use Instagram To Promote Your BusinessIt is very important that the marketers should be familiar with the social media platform that they intend to use for their business. Prior to start using any social media channel for a product promotion or brand building, one needs to ensure that a proper research has been done on that social media channel and its suitability for promoting that particular business. Understand more about its user profiles and the way that social media platform works. Marketers should not indulge in garbage style of marketing or spamming as that would only help degrade their brand reputation.

Instagram is one of the most sought after and rapidly growing social media channels today. As the penetration level of smart phone and tablet is going up rapidly, Instagram has a larger role to play in popularizing a brand & product. It is very easy for someone to search for their favourite business or personal profile on Instagram channel and follow them. Brand marketers can actually direct the Instagram users to their page to follow them. Business owners should learn how to use this channel effectively for their line of products and business. Many companies use Instagram channel to promote their brands, products and services using photos & tiny videos. They build their authority, engagements and thereafter, generate business from their Instagram pages. These companies use their skills to make impressive photos and get attention from millions of people. Marketers can use the same tactics on their Instagram page that a brand advertiser would usually follow to get more attention and sales through their advertisements.

When users want to market something on their Instagram channel, they have to ensure that they post content that would interest their clients because most clients link their Instagram account with their Facebook page. Whenever, these users like something on their Instagram feed, it would be reflected on their linked social media channels too. The most common mistake that people would do on Instagram channel is not posting the right content. Marketers should post the right type of content on Instagram channel and stay away from all spamming activities.

Here are few tips to optimize Instagram profile to get better market for a business:

4 Tips To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business1. Post interesting and quality photos

Instagram exist on a visual platform hence, marketers need to ensure that only quality pictures that can convey the message clearly are posted there. It is noticed that a picture posted on an Instagram page could make a better impact than few texts there. People like meaningful pictures that are well shot with appropriate descriptions. In addition to that, brands get more engagement levels when quality pictures of that brand with meaningful descriptions are posted there. The companies that become most successful on Instagram advertising are those which use pictures that convey various emotions. Such pictures talk a lot and invite better attention from its audience. This kind of attention would eventually drive audience to make a purchase as well.

2. Use Hashtags to target right people

Instagram does not offer any links the way other social media channels do offer. However, one can use hashtags on Instagram. Instagram actually encourages people to use hashtags because that would enable them to connect their brand with the followers.

User popular hashtags to get some good followers and better reach. Use suitable hashtags to establish a connection between consumers and brand. Marketers can organize a campaign on Instagram where participants can submit photos. Use hashtags to aggregate such photos received from participants and generate more engagements. Marketers can aggregate these photos in their website also to create an impressive gallery of themes posted by their fans. Use WEBSTA or any other Instagram search tool to find a hashtagged content and re-post it.

3. Offer more freedom to participants

When marketers use Instagram to integrate their messages with their fans, they need to ensure that the relationship that they build is authentic and fruitful to both parties. Always respond to users who submit a photo using the branded hashtags. Marketers should let its users to tag their brand and allow the relationship to flourish. Though it is not an easy task to accomplish instantly, it is possible to gain such reputation slowly and steadily. The brand’s better engagement levels with its users can trigger more conversion into sales. These companies need to ensure that they do not over pitch for a sale on Instagram platform.

It is recommended to use Keyhole or any other real-time platform to monitor hashtags and tags. Marketers must ensure that each post is responded appropriately and never indulge in spamming with too much response. Encourage participation from fans by offering some great discount or something that has got some value to the followers. Interact with fans personally and offer a reason to make a purchase but never compel them directly to make a purchase.

4 Tips To Use Instagram To Promote Your Business

4. Try a different way to promote products on Instagram

People always want results from their product campaigns and promotional activities. It becomes a usual practice that companies do use popular models and celebrities to promote their products and services. However, such type of marketing does not create much impact and drive much for a sale on a platform like Instagram. It would be a great idea to let the existing customers to present their real-time experience with the products and services nicely on the company’s Instagram page & share them with the followers online. The real life experience shared by an actual user can create a better impact on audience about the brand. Such kind of activities would enhance trust for the brand and product. Eventually, this would help the brand to gain more engagements and conversion from its followers. Many corporates use this method to promote their products and services. These companies use the real users of their products instead of stock photos for promotional activities. They use appropriate hashtags and a clear direction to the followers to make a purchase in each campaign.

Photos can convey messages in a better manner. A photo does not need any words to accompany it as the photo itself conveys the message. Instagram is the best choice of medium for marketing products and services by using photos and short videos. However, Instagram channel may not be suitable for all types of business categories because this channel would work better with some types of products and services only. In that case, marketers ought to find some other social media channels that would work better for their brand and its line of products.

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  • 4 years ago

    Mike   /   Reply

    The main problem for Business in Instagram is where to get first 5-10k followers.
    I used to promote my client’s law business and know how hard is it 🙂

    So, i recommend to use some services which offers followers. But be careful: use ONLY real followers. Otherwise, you will be banned.

    I used the service BuzzInstagram and recommend it.

  • 4 years ago

    Samantha Grain   /   Reply

    I’m gonna be so audacious to offer you the 5th point. Don’t forget a crucial thing about going viral on Instagram – third-party applications. I don’t mean having thousands of bots following you. As for me i use numerous apps on daily basis. E.g. Iconosqure is good to track users’ activity and general statistics; is great to get rid of large amounts of unfollowers – up to 5000 per day; is indispensable to schedule posting time. These are my essentials, but there are dozens of others out there that can help you improve overall management. Hope you’ll find it useful 🙂

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