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4 Tips To Use Web Analytics Effectively For YouTube Marketing

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YouTube is the second largest platform in the world to be visited by most of the visitors. Over some years the prime focus of many individuals has changed from television to online computer screens, where YouTube plays a very vital role in reaching out over 2 billion of these individuals on web. As it says, smart marketing tactics are always required to communicate advertisement from one platform to another.  Here are some of the fantastic web analytics tips for an effective YouTube marketing strategy.

Use Of Separate Ads For Direct Appeals

Instead of creating an ad in a video, create a separate ads to provide a direct appeals such as “demonstration of product” or “Call for price” or “register today” by deploying direct messages which the theme demands to show. For same Google analytics provides an Adwords tool for video advertising, where user have to sign in into Google Adwords account, select a campaign and set up a video in the YouTube Account. You can also cross check the ad in True-View section for its proper alignment or footage etc.

Match Online Search Objectives Via Proper Use Of Title

To help user or viewers find or surf through desired ad or videos, make use of descriptive titles. With the help of Google Trends, important words can be listed out to compare and same can be inserted into the description as keywords and titles. So that same can appear in Google search query engine or appears into searchable tab of YouTube platform as a result of perfect matching.

Maintain Continuous Video Branding

Generally, YouTube have number of sharing options, thus same channel videos can appear in number of other sites as well but then, one need to maintain its consistent look across all the websites. Thus consistent appearance of video is utmost important. For same attach “end cards” to a video which will include a company logo. If logo is not present then to customize with same formatting and font pattern from beginning till end. Another very interesting trick is to add PowerPoint slides saving every slide in jpeg file format with the help of any video editor such as Camtasia.

Finally Engage With Social Media To Increase Visibility

Life certainly impossible without engaging into social media stage such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus etc. and now a days WhatsApp is creating boom. Thus these many channels will help extending viewership and help encourage traffic to come towards YouTube by adding up short videos to them. Just adding up will not help but one need to monitor the performance that how well a post has reached and from where the maximum followers are coming.

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  • There are 3 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Engaging is possible with YouTube too. What do you think? Do you exclude YouTube from Social Media?

    • 5 years ago

      Apurva   /   Reply

      of course it is possible, upto some extent. But now a days YouTube is basic medium (social media) for promotions of Entertainment & Media Industry, FMCG, retail Industry, Fashion etc. rather than engagement.

    • 5 years ago

      Mayank   /   Reply

      Quite an informative post Apurva. No doubt YouTube is increasingly being used by brands especially so entertainment and product oriented companies as an effective tool of marketing communication. Can you specify more about usage of “end cards”. Also what’s your take on usage of tags and annotations in enhancing engagement?

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