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4 Trends Prevalent In The World Of Social Media Marketing At Present

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4 Trends Prevalent In The World Of Social Media Marketing At PresentThese days social media marketing is an inevitable part of business. Whether products come under the B2B category or B2C category, company’s presence on social media is very much necessary to engage with its customers and prospects on continuous basis.

Business is changing at a faster pace nowadays, so the trend prevalent in the world of Social media marketing is also subject to change too.  It is very important for a small business owner to know about the latest trends in the social media marketing to get maximum leverage out of it.

Following are 4 trends prevalent in the world of social media marketing in the current market scenario:

1. Twitter

Twitter is widely used for generating leads and close sales by many leading corporates. Twitter is widely used to provide effective after-sales service by many leading companies now. Not to surprise, Twitter is now the second most popular social media network after Facebook and it now drives more traffic than Google. Twitter user base is now growing faster than Facebook user numbers in the last few months.

Twitter is now making its latest move by adding visual content, known as Twitter cards, to its portfolio of services so as to promote the sharing of richer content, including email contact information for launching new types of advertising relevant to the information available. It is highly recommended that one should give more focus to Twitter along with Facebook in social media marketing activities.

2. Google Plus4 Trends Prevalent In The World Of Social Media Marketing At Present

Forrester’s latest report reveals that Google Plus gets about 540 million monthly users these days. This is a huge user base. One can really make use of this large volume of users to build good follower base for its brand.

Google Plus took an important place in the top marketers’ interest lists now and this is primarily because of its increasing popularity in recent times.

Some of the mathematicians believe that by 2016 number of Google Plus users will exceed the total number Facebook users if the current market trend is continuing. So ignoring this vast user base will not be a right thing that you could do for your business and brand.

What makes Google so popular in recent times?
4 Trends Prevalent In The World Of Social Media Marketing At Present

Google authorship has made Google Plus to attain popularity to this extend.  Google authorship  helps the content to stand out from the rest when blogs and posts are shared on Google Plus. Google displays the picture of author along with  the article title in search results which actually encourage more clicks and improve the revenue online. If one is using Gmail account, then  an email subscribers will get an opportunity to follow his / her brand on Google+ from their email account! One can get better engagement levels on Google Plus and that makes this network a preferred social media  for many online marketers.

3. Visual Contents

More visuals are used in contents nowadays. It becomes a trend now to use more and more visuals in blogs and social media contents as these visuals offer better engagement from readers. This is a proven fact that adding more visuals to social media contents could improve engagement levels to a greater extent.

4. Facebook Advertising

Facebook generates a major portion of its revenue from advertising, over 90%! This figure is likely to go up in the coming years. People who use Facebook advertising for their business promotions are pleased with  the result and continue to use it forever! User experience confirms that this channel really works well and ensures better return on investment.

4 Trends Prevalent In The World Of Social Media Marketing At Present

Most top internet marketers are committed to spend even more money on Facebook advertising for the next one year. Though some of the recent changes happened on Facebook advertising is frustrating to many loyal users, that will not have much impact on its customer base immediately. But it is possible that a few of these unhappy customers will move from Facebook advertising for other alternative solutions in a few months.

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