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4 Very Helpful SEO Tips To Show-off Your Video On Search Results

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images (14)YouTube is an excellent source for getting traffic for your videos. YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine after Google. Even though Google owns YouTube, the search algorithms for Videos on both are not the same this makes it more difficult to rank higher on both search engines. The power of YouTube has only increased in recent years with audiences spending more time on videos than on websites. A high ranking video on YouTube and also Google has the potential to generate massive traffic for your site. So if you are looking for achieving higher rankings for your videos and conquering the first page of search results then the following 4 SEO tips will help you to show off your Video on search results.

1. Back link toolsimages (15)

Invest some resources in the right tools for getting your content ranked higher in the search results. If you developed videos and posted them on YouTube or any other video sharing site and if they do not show up on search results of YouTube or Google then you have practically wasted your time. For SEO to work, back links are considered very important and have been underutilized till now. Back links show you other webpages or sites that link to your posts or videos. Back links also help in keeping a track of the pages that share your content and link to your content. A very useful tool called the “Back link Beast” can help you get back links from diverse sources especially crucial in this post Panda /Penguin era of Digital marketing. This tool provides links from high PR, low spammed sites and they are updated often. It also has the ability to set up tiered link building campaigns which are fully automated  and can be done in a short time. Use this tool to show off your video on Search results.

2. Closed captions for Video SEOimages (16)

Perhaps the most important tip that should be a part of video SEO is closed captions. Adding closed captions to your video can get you higher rankings on search results. Closed captions help the search engines and especially YouTube to read the text file attached to the video content and get to know the content of your video in detail. YouTube offers an automatic closed caption tool; use it to your advantage. There are also professional closed captioning tools which develop a transcript file with time codes in it.  Another option is to manually type the transcript and let YouTube sync it with the videos. For improving the SEO further, use some keywords while talking in the video, so that these keywords can be included in the transcript, furthermore also name the track appropriately.

3. Social media engagementdownload (25)

After you have done you video, completed the titles, tags and other SEO tricks, posted on video hosting websites, start sharing it on social media and engaging your audience on social media networks. You need the comments, shares and likes for your videos to grow in popularity and visibility on search engines. So basically the social media strategy should be, “Watch, Like and Comment”. After that start submitting videos to sites which get you links, ping other websites to let them know that a video has been posted, and also shares the videos on RSS feeds. Once the video has been publicized, it’s time for the most important part, which is social media engagement. Social bookmarking is currently very huge and popular as it has the ability to share links indefinitely and has the potential to reach a wider audience. Use social bookmarking sites like Social Monkee, Digg, and Delicious to promote the videos. Social media engagement is very helpful in search rankings and increasing page views.

4. Build authority for Video SEOimages (17)

Treat your YouTube channel as a website in itself and build authority for it like you would for a website. Your YouTube channel also carries page authority. It is recommended to link to your channels from your website, blogs, or social media profiles, that way you can add link equity to the URL and grow your authority. To maximize the link equity, use the default URL of your channel that includes ‘user’ prefix. Additionally, build authority for your Video channel by using back links and submitting content and links to social bookmarking sites like Social Monkee. There is a strong relationship between an authoritative YouTube channel and higher rankings for the videos in the channel and also the channel as a whole.

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