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4 Ways In Which B2B Companies Use Inbound Marketing Smartly

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Inbound marketing can be divided into four components viz. Attract, Nurture, Convert, and Delight

Inbound marketing is the way people use it differently such as:

  • Tools: e.g websites, blog, social media, landing page, etc
  • Strategies: e.g. search engine optimization, buying funnel, lead nurturing, etc
  • Measures: buyer personas, SMART goal, A/b testing, etc

Component One: Attract People Who Are Your Target Market

You have to focus online on search engine optimization and social media. You also need to know your target customers. You need to have a target market by having buyer persona and multiple personas. They help you understand how looking out help. SEO is on-page optimization and off page optimization. You need to have long-tailed keywords which is 3-5 words simple phrase. While searching the keywords, you need to have a right kind of competition and monthly searches and you can use google adwords keywords. When you optimize the website you need to focus on blog pages where in you need to have decent traffic so that people visit your page regularly. You also need to get quality traffic which is relevant to the target market.

On-page optimization can be using keywords, title tags, keyword density, on-tags, description, keyword placement. So we should:

  • Optimize pages you want to make sure are found.
  • One long-tailed keyword per page.
  • Make it reader friendly first, then SEO friendly.
  • Off –page optimization

Off-page optimization consists of keyword performance, social bookmarking, back links from other websites, indices with search engine and google plus page. So we should:

  • Takes time to build.
  • Work with a professional SEO company.
  • The more pages the better.
  • Own your domain name at least 5 years.

The percentage of websites found through social media grows every year. So hence they are now competing directly with search engines in directing traffic. So need to focus on the best type of social media for your business as it can be Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. For B2B companies, Linkedin is the best. It’s best to actively engage people through Linkedin. Other management tools are HooTsuite,TweetAdder,HubSpot which can be used to see the progress. The more you are exposed through social media it get quick views to your websites. You can access your performance by using google analytics, wherein you can see the number of visitors hourly, monthly or weekly new visitors. You can see where are these people coming from through organic search as how many came via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, it helps you to be more effective.

Component Two: Nurture The Relationship

The stages in which people go through the process such as information, criteria, and evaluation. This process can take 30 days or more based on buying process of the business. The funnel works in business by blogging+content offers+drip email marketing=nurturing. Blogging helps people looking for information and attracting them. Content offers are focused on top and middle level of the funnel. It is a critical tool for demonstrating value. The bottom of the funnel is evaluated by providing trial period, demonstration of system, free consultants, assessments and samples. Drip email marketing is customized messages through list segmentation, simplified automation and supports the length of buying cycle.

Component Three: Convert Leads Through Funnel Stages

The conversion path focuses on buyer persona as top of the funnel which consists of blogs, offers, the middle of the funnel by sending offers, social media interaction and the bottom of the funnel by providing free consultation and trial period. These conversion calls to action work by don’t let readers figure out what to do on their own and make the best choice clear. To make them on the top of the funnel, for e.g when they download the e-book, it takes them to landing page and it gets focus on providing them contact information and providing them with information. They can strengthen ability to convert by removing distractions. Offer the next activity when the first is complete. It takes them to other page as thank you for downloading. They get instant results, the sign up-forms help most of any contact management form allows you to embed sign up forms, by constant contact, Mail chimp, etc.

Advance intelligence systems incorporate smart forms such as Hubspot, Lead Fushion, Infushion Spot.

Lead intelligence let’s you take action with perfect timing and background information.

Example: When your company has set a goal of 75,000 additional revenue in 8 months. This requires an increase of 4 sales per month averaging $2,500. The sales has a historic 40$ lead-to-customer rate, meaning they need 9 additional qualified leads a month. The website needs 300 target visitors a month and a visitor lead-conversion rate at 3%. We go in reverse order to reach the SMART goal.

Component Four: Delight Current And Past Clients

Don’t forget to delight people once they become your client. If you can support them after an event as it is important for training companies. You need to maintain a long-term relationship. You can do it by e-mail marketing and continue by enabling client success.

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      Excellent work. A very good blog. What is long-tailed key word (page)? Any example?

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