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4 Web Analytics Tips To Leverage The Google Analytics Tool Optimally

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If you are familiar with Web Analytics and using Google Analytics tool for the same, then you must know some tips which I am going to share. Some of you may already be using it and some of you may not be using it but then it’s for both the category people if in case you just want to revise it or use it effectively.

Differentiate Historical Traffic Trends: Often people forgot their past events and only focus on what future perspective. Well it is not bad but do take note of what pit falls or success you have achieved in past because that becomes a ladder for growing ahead. So don’t only concern about current traffic trends, but analyzing previous traffic trends can yield valuable insights into traffic change trend investigation. You can make use of “compare to previous tool” in data rang dialog box of GA.

Determine Your Top Conversion Paths: Every user has, his/her unique requirement if he/she has visited your website. Believe me you can’t keep track of each and every funnel because user will not buy at a one go. In today’s advertising landscape, even customer has become a smarter when it comes to buying online. So Instead of focusing on every paths, first examine your top conversion paths in GA which will definitely provides glimpse on visitor’s behaviour. And then analyse which conversion path has maximum bounce rate and customize it accordingly.

When Creating Custom Visitor Segments then Use Audience Data: I guess everybody is using custom segments, to identify visitors according to their various demographics. But what we miss usually here is “Audience reporting views” which helps you create customer segments. Just follow below navigation in Audience reporting section:

Audience–à Interest—à Overview

Hopefully this will give you an idea on affinity categories, market segments, interested in, gender, rate etc. So after analysing and little digging you may find out a result like this:

Many of our visitors are:

  • Female
  • 35-45 years old
  • Have strong interest in family planning
  • Belong mostly to high class, high income category from metro cities.

Set Up Intelligence Events: Intelligence events are not use regularly but yes it is important to keep an eye on your websites major deviations from one time period to another. For example, all of a sudden something happens and you see a huge spike or drop in kind of traffic deviation. Now here comes Intelligence event into action. Intelligence Events one of the features in Google Analytics, allows you to set custom parameters which helps you in monitoring unusual site activity & send alerts to one who is designated admin or account managers. For example, if there is a 199% increase in traffic on a given date would obviously be considered as unexpected and immediately GA would records the data related to this event and will alert you in a while.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      It seems, the first point is all about comparing the past and present trends. Its right and essential in every such analysis, where we need to constantly develop new insights about progress and prospects. Hence, its never a question to differentiate but to compare or correlate.

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