400% Pin Creation On Maggi Kotchstudio’s Board Via Pinterest: Success Story

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Nestle’s Swiss food giant Maggi has tied people worldwide into a beautiful and tasty bond. Everybody has their own story of being connected with it. Maggi lovers love to explain their indulgence and their cooking style, It’s bachelor’s favorite food and a ready to eat snack on lonely nights. Maggi Kotchstudio is another new innovation to people’s taste buds to try out new recipes each day on their official website.

In May 2015 few samples of Maggi were found to contain lead and MSG which brought down its image, a nation wide ban was imposed on it. Which brought sadness onto the fans faces which could no longer buy it off the shelves. But it took time to prove itself and was back on the evening snack plate.

About Maggi


Maggi was originated in Switzerland in 1885 when Julius Maggi took over his father’s mill and became a trendsetter in the field of Instant noodles. Maggi introduced protein-rich legume meals first time in the market and later on introduced ready-made soups in 1886.

In 1908 Maggi introduced Bouillon cubes or Maggi cubes which were a meat substitute. Later on Seasonings, Maggi Cuppa Mania, dehydrated soups were launched.

In 1947, Maggi turned 50 and joined the Swiss company, Nestle, to form Nestle Alimentana.

About Maggi Kotchstudio (Cooking Studio)


In 1959 Maggi started its cooking studio which became the heart of the brand. Consumers of Maggi appreciated personal consultation service, monthly recipe service, and daily cooking shows. Initially, a stove and table were a must supply. Later on, it was modified and expanded.

In 1995 Maggi’s website was launched which offers diverse DIY recipes and great service offers.

In 1996 first live Maggi Kotchstudio was opened in Frankfurt.

In 2009 Maggi Kotchstudio completed its 50 years successfully. On its anniversary Fans were taken to culinary journey and allowed them to cook behind the scenes of the Maggi Kotchstudio.


At Kotchstudio all the queries about the dishes are answered by the team of 50 nutritionists. Who developed new recipes making cooking fun. They believe in discussing recipes with its fans so as to come up with new tips and recipes and upload them on Kotchstudio website and Facebook page. You can find a new tip every day on www.maggi.de.

For more than 125 years Maggi is cooking in German Kitchens.

To make the whole family attractive: Maggi encourage families to keep the food fresh and fresh. The recipes are easy to cook and consist of two vegetable every time.

Maggi contributes to its DGE recommendation to eat 5 fruits in a day.

Experience the Maggi Quality

Maggi admires self-cooking as a good healthy habit and fulfilling family day. It supports fans in their cooking day and creates happy cooking experiences. Products are designed in a way so that it satisfies the fans and family by making them feel good while eating. They are continuously working on improving the products by launching largest quality campaigns and pick the raw materials in a fine manner. Reduce the amount of salt and saturated fatty acids in the products.

Maggi promotes the idea of joint cooking with children. Joint cooking spreads love and increases bonding between them.

Botheration of Quantity

German Society of Nutrition(DGE) recommends consumption of 6 grams of salt per day by an adult, revised by WHO to 5gms. These guidelines are important because high percentage of salt consumed can lead to health problems like high blood pressure. In compliance, Maggi reduced salt by 6% and saturated fatty acid by 3% in 2014.

Business Objective of Maggi

Maggi’s Business Objective was to create brand awareness and drive traffic to the official webiste via Pinterest in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Strategy Adopted

Maggi’s team joined Pinterest so that people may try out new and easy recipes with photographs showcased on their Pinterest Account MAGGI Kotchstudio. They created seasonal pins for a certain theme or occasion with the detailed description so that people end up clicking on the pin and landing on their website.

Following strategies were adopted:

  1. Maggi used Recipe Pins with additional information such as cooking time and servings to all the pins which increased engagement rate.
  2. They added Save button to their mobile and desktop websites so that people can save pins on the go.
  3. They spread the same buzz on social media using facebook, Youtube and email.
  4. They encouraged people to visit their profiles to find new recipes via messaging for eg: They created a landing page and added a recipe “Pirates feast” on their website and created the same pin on Pinterest too.

“Our goal is to give our customers the best experience when they interact with our brand in the digital world. Pinterest plays a crucial role in this strategy, making it easy for people to discover, save and try Maggi recipes just with a couple of clicks.”

Lisa Stiewe
eCommunication Manager, Maggi

Featured board


Pinterest follow: MAGGI Kotchstudio

Results achieved

Maggi worked for six months on their content strategy and saw 10 times increase in their monthly saves and clickthroughs. They monitored a steep growth.

By adding save button on both mobile and desktop website they monitored 400% pin creation from Maggi’s Domain.

The success of our Pinterest efforts has been simply awesome,” Stiewe said. “Our goal is to give our customers the best experience when they interact with our brand in the digital world. Pinterest plays a crucial role in this strategy, making it easy for people to discover, save and try Maggi recipes just with a couple of clicks.”

Learnings from Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest helped Maggi to repeat the set of procedure again on their Pin strategy and monitoring what interests people in new recipes. Evaluate the style of photography which influences people.

Analytics also provide them with their other interests like DIY, home decore, crafts, cooking tips etc so that they can target people in a better way. Pinterest also provides website data which suggest you which topic interests more to the audience.

“We pay close attention to what resonates with our Pinterest audience,” said Lisa Stiewe, eCommunication Manager at Maggi. “Seeing that a certain topic performs particularly well on Pinterest sometimes means we invest additional resources in this topic and also play it up on other channels.”

Content Source: business.pinterest.com, maggi.de, pinterest.com/maggikochstudio, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maggi

image Credits: Maggi Kotchstudio

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