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5 Awesome SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic

5 Awesome SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic

Want to increase your chances of being found – on web – by crawlers? Well, yes- this is Search Engine Optimisation – or what we know as SEO. Websites sure won’t like to be isolated from rest of the world. So let the website be discovered by the World Wide Web (www).

SEO is a process in which website is so structured that it can be easily found  out, read and indexed in effective method. SEO specifically means getting traffic from free search results.

If SEO doesn’t exist, the customer will pass by without noticing you. Speak the language which Search engines understand- that’s the mantra for success!!! SEO is now become more human friendly. There are many SEO techniques, find out which ways work for you best. Put your resources, money in executing these ways.

5 SEO Techniques

There are N number of ways for SEO techniques, we will focus on 5 of them:

  1. Design user friendly and responsive site:

To increase number of leads, it is significant to have mobile friendly site. It is a fact now that mobile users are increasing, so we have to guarantee that our site is mobile friendly as well. It will help in building positive image of the brand. The future of SEO is about connecting on mobile friendly sites. Page load is very important. Remove / optimize images/ videos that take time to load.

  1. Keyword Study:

Research for Keywords is many times ignored. Appropriate use of keywords will help optimize the campaign. It doesn’t mean that we should repeat keywords unnecessarily. Keywords should be selected based on volume of search volume, commercial intent, applicability, competitiveness etc. Keywords should be at appropriate places in the website. Correct usage of keywords increases visibility on search engines.

For example:

  • Try to use keywords in title tag <title> Computer training </title>
  • Use keywords in body tag with variations.
  • Use keywords in “Content” of META tag <META name =”short description” content= “major keywords”>

So how many keywords you should target? Well, there is no formula for it. The exact number depends on type of business, budget, time frame that you have for a particular campaign etc. Do not overdo with keywords, it will ruin your chances of optimizing with SEO.

For example:

We are a web design company. We design websites. You are searching for web design companies? Then contact this web design company now.

Above example is a bad example!!! It is called keyword stuffing. It is one of the oldest spamming techniques.

  1. Have Quality content:

It is always better to have good content on the website. Be specific about type of business for which website is created. Do not cheat on content. Be authentic and clear. Quality content is new path for marketing. Search engines like quality content. Of course, it does take time to create one!!! Results are best in this case. It is effective in long run. Keep the content original. Keep balance between text and images/videos on the website. Keep the content updated. Do not write content on the site pages just for the sake of adding content. Ensure you have a message to give. SEO says “Content in king”. For example: If you are offering free registration for a seminar, do not ask for credit card details is registration form.

  1. Power on Social Media:

You can’t ignore Social Media role in SEO. Social Media can play major role in driving traffic to your website. So do the talk on Social Media! People interact a lot on Social Media, so Social Media is a big element in getting your website noticed. The platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc can be helpful. Select the media that you find useful for your type of business. Social Media plays an important role in reputation management campaigns. Maintain active profiles on Social Media and share your content. SEO and Social Media work together best.

  1. Website links:

Back links are inward links to your website. Back links enhance visibility over web. To improve page ranking, it is always useful to have linked reputed sites back to your website. Number of back links is an indication of reputation or position of that website. Number of back links are also important, as well as quality. So ensure that you have back links from trustworthy websites. In search engine’s algorithm, back links are given high rating, so this is the factor that we cannot ignore. Back links improve faster indexing of site. It helps to get referral traffic.

That’s about SEO tips. Feel free to share your favourite SEO techniques and how they achieved results.

About the blogger: Mrs Harshal Varkhedkar

Harshal is an engineer, MBA in IT and computer faculty by profession. Owns a computer institute in Pune and she is an up-and-coming blogger. She enjoys swimming and listening to music! Learn more on You may want to connect with her on twitter @harshal_LE. 

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