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5 Best Keyword Targeting Tools

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What is Keyword Targeting?

Keyword targeting is when you use keywords that are relevant to your product or service in a website and ad copy to achieve top listings in search engines. You have to thoroughly research your keywords in order to determine the keywords your business should be targeting.

Why is Keyword Targeting Important?

Keywords are the most important element of any website. They play an important role in search engine optimisation which results in getting a high rank for your website in search results and to reach relevant users. If your website doesn’t show up on the first page search results, chances of people coming across your content becomes very low. Data shows less than 10% of people browse the second page of search engine results.

Keywords are the words or phrases that your audience feed in to the search engines. Your page ranking is based on the relevance of  the content on your page to those keywords/phrases as well as your website overall. Choosing the right keywords build the foundation for an entire SEO campaign. The right keywords with the highest potential for return are the foundation of the campaign being a success. Therefore there is a need of keyword targeting tools.

Below are five free tools that we recommend for building the best campaign.

1. Google Keyword Planner 


Google Keyword Planner is the most popular research tool out there and it is free. Anyone and everyone can use Google Keyword Planner to find out related keywords as well as the search quantity.

Once you input a keyword, multiple keywords, or even your website address into Keyword Planner, it will display a list of related keywords along with simple metrics to measure how the competition is around each one and how many searches it gets on global as well as local search level.

It will show you historical statistics and information on how certain keywords might perform and it’ll create a new set of keywords by multiplying several sets of keywords together. Additionally it can also help you choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your AdWords campaigns.

2. Bing Webmasters Tools52c11625-6e47-4b29-ab55-385e55d31dc6

Bing has a whole collection of tools of their own, including keyword tools. The data used is taken from Bing, which means that you should be able to make relative assumptions about keyword popularity. But if you go to see, Google users aren’t that different from Bing.

All query volumes and keyword suggestions are based on organic search, which gives you the best ideas and accuracy in numbers. It shows statistics and suggestions based on the past six months of data.

3. Keyword Toolimages is perfect for the times when you want to get tons of long tail keywords for your keywords. This tool gives you keywords based on Google, Bing, apple app store and Yahoo. It provides a great resource of keywords that would otherwise would never be noticed.

Keyword tool is free, but you have to pay to access the CPC, search volume, and competition. The free version is enough to give you large keyword sets for your keyword research projects.

Keyword Tool uses google to generate a list of relevant long-tail keywords suggestions. The search terms suggested by Google are based on different factors, for instance how often users were searching for a particular term in the past. The Keyword Research tool can generate keyword suggestions in wide range of languages and countries, thus allowing you to fine-tune your keyword ideas for the markets you serve.

4. Internet Marketing Ninjas


They have developed this free keyword combination generator to help users generate common keyword list that might be used in searches for different websites. With this great tool you can develop a big list of different search queries.

It is great for developing strategies on the fly. Everyone’s search terms tend to differ slightly, hence a search combination tool like this one, is the best way to cast a collective net around all of these word combinations.

5. UbberSuggest


UberSuggest is a basic keyword research tool that gives you more than enough keywords by simply adding letters to the end of your query. This helps you to get access to so many long tail keywords that can be used for your niche sites.

The tool is simple and intuitive. The tool features excellent user-friendly design, which enables you to use it without taking up those potentially valuable 60 seconds of your life.

Do you know of any others that you would recommend from your personal experience? Do share them with us by commenting below!

Image Credits: Google Keyword Planner, UbberSuggest, Keyword Tool, Bing Webmaster Tools

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