5 Brands that used Social Media for ‘Social Cause’

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The power of social media is it forces necessary change.  – Erik Qualman (Author, Keynote Speaker, Professor)

In today’s era of Information Technology, Social Media has become an obligatory part of our lives. Our day start with Social Media and ends with it, our friends are here and so are our family and loved one. Even our favourite stars, sportsperson & brands are here and so are their competitors who are fighting for our one like, reactions, comment or share.

Gone are the days when the consumer was just a recipient of product messages, now thanks to the advent of Social Media a consumer not restricted to being just a recipient, he is a brand partner today who interacts and share his feedback with the brand. And if he is not satisfied with a product or service, he also has an option to vent his anger on Social Media and it could be a big disaster for the brand; so a marketers & advertisers are very careful before advertising today. Brands are not just Social media platforms to promote and market products/services, the platform is also used to bring about a Positive Social Change.

Following are 5 successful Social Media Campaigns done brands for ‘Social Cause:

#SaluteSelfie – Reliance Group
As India was gearing up to celebrate its 69th Independence Day, Reliance Group came up with an


Indian Cricket Captain MS Dhoni posting his #SelfieSalute

innovative Social Media campaign to pay tribute to Indian Armed Forces and to for their selfless efforts that they put to protect for us every day. Several celebrities, sportsperson also joined in and posted their #SaluteSelfies, the campaign registered over 1, 00,000 tweets and became a grand success.

#SelfieWithDaughter – Government of India (not official campaign)


Actor Jackie Shroff posting his #SelfiewithDaughter

Prime Minister Modi during his Radio Address to the nation ‘Mann Ki Baat’, urged to protect the girl and encouraged them to post their pictures with daughter and immediately #SelfieWithDaughter started trending worldwide. Twitteratis from across the globe, including politicians, filmstars, celebrities and common citizens flooded the social media sites with their selfies. It was the top trend in India both on Facebook and Twitter and was trending worldwide among the top five positions. Over a lakh Tweets have been shared on this topic.
People from Africa and Europe have shared selfies, contributing to the noble cause. The campaign also criticized by some but overall it was success among the masses and classes.

#helpachildreach5 – Lifebuoy Soap
Indian personal care market is over US$ 4 Billion (approx. Rs. 20,000) but basic hygiene is the one of the biggest problem here. Every year, around 6 million children under 5 die of infections like diarrhea and pneumonia and lack of basic hygiene being the culprit. Lifebuoy understood this humongous problem & came up with a unique Social Campaign to create. The campaign #Helpachildreach5 was launched with a video on YouTube and other Social Media Platform, the heartfelt appeal through the story of Gondappa and his son Muthu surviving his 5th birthday became a social media hit and received a strong response from the community. Lifebuoy managed to create a huge impact on its social networks with over 19,287,716 views on YouTube, over 3 million fans on Facebook. The YouTube page takes a viewer to a Facebook application page ‘Pledge on Facebook’, the campaign has received over 5000 pledges many celebrities and prominent personalities have also associated with the initiatives; one can also follow the initiative on Twitter through #Helpachildreach5.


One entry submitted for the #FloatBoat Initiative

#FloatBoat – Paper Boat
Paper Boats offers traditional Indian drinks in packaged avatar; the brand is more associated with our childhood memories related to these special drinks. During last year’s monsoon, Paper Boat came up with a digital campaign where they asked the consumer to make a paper boat and share the image on the Social Media; for every image shared the company will donate Rs. 20 towards children’s education. The campaign was kick started with a film which introduced the initiative, Paper Boat tied-up with Parivaar Asharam (a West Bengal-based humanitarian service organization that works for the holistic development of children) and created a microsite were all the boats shared were uploaded. Over 2400 boats are uploaded on the website & the brand was aiming to generate Rs. 10 lakh uploads during the campaign period.

#Immortal Fan – Club Recife, Brazil
In 2013, Brazil was facing an acute shortage of organ donors & other difficulty that existed in the organ donation process was that it required family authorization i.e. it’s up to the family to decide whether the organs of their loved ones will be donated after their death. Brazil’s leading soccer club – Sports Club Recife is known to have the most passionate fans along with their advertising agency Ogilvy Brazil conceptualized & kicked-off a brilliant integrated campaign called ‘Immortal Fan’ to promote Organ donation. For a Brazilian soccer & _75210671_immortalfanshis/ her favourite soccer club is more precious than their own lives & the campaign communicated the message to the fans that ‘even if you die also your heart, eyes, lungs will always support the club Recife’ and a true fan can become ‘Immortal’ by pledging for organ donation & avail Sports Club Recife Organ Donor’s Card by registering onclubs Facebook page, at club’s stadium or via mail. The Donor’s Card informs family members about the Fans final wishers so it solved the problem of family authorization. Organ donation increased by 51% & over 50,000 fans registered for donation; the reduced the waiting period for heart transplant and cornea transplant to almost 0. Ogilvy Brazil won Promo Grand Prix for the Campaign at Cannes Advertising Awards 2014.

Above Social Media campaign clearly shows the power and impact of this new dynamic media and if used effectively it has all the potential to bring about a positive change in the society and brands today have understood this potential are more focused towards creating a positive change than just focusing minting profits.

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