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5 Content Tips That Results In Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

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content-is-kingNow a days, internet is an important marketing tool. It has changed the face of old marketing techniques. Digital marketing is the new face of marketing. Inbound marketing is the latest trend in digital marketing. It is the most effective method of online marketing. Instead of old outbound marketing methods inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people towards your product and company. Inbound is all about creating and sharing content with the world. Content is specially designed for potential customers according to their interests and need. The main idea behind inbound marketing is creating targeted content to attract prospects and keep them coming back more. Publishing  right content to the right people at the right time and in the right place is the formula for inbound marketing. For the successful inbound marketing campaign, it is important to create quality content and update them regularly. Content is just not writing something about the topic. It is much more than that. Well written content has many benefits. Content is a single most important asset on your site. It provides information to existing and potential customers, attract search engines to your site, increase traffic. It should not be just informative, but it should be attractive as well. Videos, images, graphic, photos make content attractive. So it is important to add visuals to content. People love to read new content. It is essential to add new content regularly to the website. Here are some effective ways to keep content flowing.

1) Blogging

images3Blogging is an effective medium to share information about your product or services with customer. But still thousands of companies that are not blogging and  missing inbound marketing benefits. Here are some benefits of blogging.

  • Blogging boosts search engine optimization. As we all know search engine love fresh content. The search engine checks for a keywords, phrase, description  and titles to ranking in search engines. While writing content in blog one must take care of these factors.  Blogging is the best way to provide new content frequently. By blogging regularly, you give  Google or any other search engine new content to index and keywords to increase your visibility  on search engine result pages. Ultimately, it helps to drive traffic to your website from organic search.
  • Blogging helps to introduce your company to a new audience through social media. Creating a blog or post that people can share on social media network such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc helps to introduce you to a completely new audience.
  • Blogging helps you to convert traffic into leads. Just adding  lead generating call-to-action to every new blog post you can increase the chances of converting traffic into lead.
  • Blogging helps to create a positive image about your company. If you are consistently creating content through blogs which is useful for customers, it will help you establish as an authority in their eyes.

2) Guest Blogger

Website need a good and quality content. It is not compulsory to write all the content all the time yourself. To bring freshness to the website it is good to include guest blogger in your team. Guest blogging is a great way to enrich your website by different posts written by experts. Only  you should take care that guest blogger must add value to your blog and offer more information that your users are interested in reading.

3) Answer questions

You will get maximum your content ideas from your customers and prospects. Customers always ask you questions about your product, company, offers, services, etc. Hear them carefully and try to answer them regularly. This will help you to understand the customer’s mindset, their view and expectation about your company. Use this question for content creation. This is the simple but effective way to create specific content for specific people.

4) Email Newsletter

An Email Newsletters are the easiest way to maintain regular contact with the regular blog subscriber. Any relevant content such as a blog post, offers, announcements, etc can be easily provided to the customer. Here are some benefits of an Email Newsletters-

  • An Email Newsletters are most cost efficient and cost effective communication to contact with customers.
  • It is much more cost efficient than printed Newsletters because it saves time,printing and mailing cost as well.
  • It enhances company reputation and helps to increase leads generation.
  • An Email Newsletters leverages your marketing efforts.
  • It opens the opportunity for your clients to easily and immediately interact with you.
  • It provides higher response rate because it is being sent to a more receptive audience.
  • It quickly identifies undeliverables  so an effort can be made to resend them.
  • It can serve as positive reinforcement to the media.

5) Ebooks and how to guide

images4Most of the time in business content creation is focused on creating blog and  updating them frequently. Customers like to read blogs because it is short and easy to understand. But sometimes some customers need information in depth. To provide content to this class eBooks or how to guide are the best ways. eBooks are the perfect medium to explain different topics and facts in your industry that people will benefit from understanding. As compared to traditional books, eBooks are convenient and quick to produce. Readers like to read different articles on same or related topics by different authors. eBooks can become more interactive by just adding links to more relevant information. It really enriches your eBook. Implementing eBooks into content marketing strategies will definitely provide something valuable which cannot be provided just by using blogs or articles. Through eBooks customers get detailed information and solutions to their problems. It results in increase in lead formation.

Apart from these tips it is good practice to a keep list of links to resource your readers would find interesting and put them in the summary post each month. People like to see the checklist/factsheet. This can be used for various purposes such as highlighting new products, features, benefits, etc. Creating content for the campaign is just not enough for business. Be social and share all the great content you create for inbound marketing campaign through different social media channels.

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