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5 Easy Strategies To Design Your Business With Specific Inbound Marketing Strategy

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The new age business strategies not essentially carry their age old military perspectives on winning the competitive war in the market. Rather, in the emerging digital world, you’ve to strive to evolve as a leader in your business over a period of time. Hence, you need to look beyond a specific set of commercial objectives, deadlines and conventional management styles, including advertising and marketing activities. You’ve to work more as a creative artist to generate an overall picture of your business over a period of time and space. It requires you to create a platform, which will attract your audience, help you to be found easily by them and will take you to that space, where your potential customers are interacting, networking, living, enjoying and moving. Most of the new age entrepreneurs are optimizing that space through effective inbound strategies. You too can leverage the advantages of that digital and social space by following 5 easy strategies as mentioned here:

1.    Create Magnetic Content: You had been designing and developing a product and then selling it through advertisements in print media. Only, outbound marketing strategies may not give you the desired output. You have to create your own website, write blogs and articles, develop e-books, create online videos, another easy downloads, and info-graphics which will draw your target audience towards your product and company and will influence them to engage with your business. A creative content can generate more traffic and leads.

2.   Develop Search Engine Fitness: Please accept that there is a difference between writing and developing content. You have to develop an appealing content and you may require the inputs of technical writing. The purpose is to make the content search engine friendly, where you can optimize search marketing by utilizing appropriate keywords in the contents. Here, your main purpose is to get easily found by people, who search you on Google, YouTube, Flipora or other search engines.

3.   Lead Generation: Attracting traffic is not the end. You need to convert a maximum of your traffic into leads. You can do this by creating avenues to engage them through a landing page. There you can provide options for the visitors to share their contact details with you, which you can follow up later. Also, you can generate leads by giving options for free downloads. It may be an application / registration form or submission of request for a demonstration of any product or service. Also, if feasible, you may upload a free video on your website about the product / service.

4.    Lead Conversion: It is a strategic follow up activity after you generate leads. You have to devote quality time talking to people, who have shown interest either to buy your product / service or have expressed interest to know more about your business.

5.    Evaluate and Adjust Strategy: Planning and implementation of strategy is a continuous process. You may change your strategy or course of action after analyzing its merits and demerits. For example, you may use Google Analytics and similar applications to measure your marketing results. Consequently, you may revise your strategy and actions.

Be confident. Follow these 5 easy strategies to get your business be found and discovered by your customers.  

Inbound Marketing Strategy

(Fig. 1. Strategic Components of Inbound Marketing)

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  • There are 2 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Apurva Ramteke   /   Reply

      Inbound marketing is a way different from pushing and selling your product to customers and feeling that work is done. It is nothing but pulling and attracting customers towards you and convincing not forcing them to purchase it.

    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Exactly, there is a push strategy and a pull strategy, instead of taking the product directly to the customer, it is important to motivate the customer to come to your brand. This could be done with the above five steps, starting by generating the right content and spending some quality time with the interested customers.

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