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5 Easy To Digest Tips To Succeed With Web Analytics

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Firstly people get excited about having web analytics for their websites and once it is done they sit and relax. But the thing doesn’t ends here, you have to keep a track of your findings and analysing the same in a periodic way. This is an only way to check the credibility of your business, and people don’t understand this common thing generally. At the end they get confused and start panicking about web analytics that it’s confusing, or what they will do with such huge data etc. So friends, here are some tips you should follow so that you don’t fall prey to above difficulties.

1. First Benchmark it and then Calibrate: Know where you stand in the market, what all competitors both direct and indirect you have in the industry then benchmark your business accordingly. It’s always good bench-marking yourself and be transparent to the team because it will give you an idea to accelerate at a right pace. Always remember that whatever data you are fetching is not 100% accurate. So you have to filter it out i.e. calibrate which is very simple task once you get your hands on it.

2. Have goals that push your business, but keep them real: While you are tracking web analytics code, at the same time you also analyse data trends and create insightful reports. A potential conclusion as someone will say is: “we want to increase Y metric by X %.” Thus Goals are basic reasons to keep you focused, but don’t forget to keep them real. Increasing web traffic is a long term process and until you are an expert digital marketer you may not be able to project it realistically and at same time there are too many variables to be predicted accurately. If you are at initial stage, stay on the safer side so you don’t keep unrealistic expectations.

3. Metrics for every single team: Suppose you have a different team assigned for SEO, EMAIL, PPC, Social, Localization & Community, and Web Production etc. It’s always good establishing Dashboards and KPIs for every single team in order to maintain valuable analysis and keep track or progress report for each team. At the same time it will not become cumbersome for you if in future your business grows at higher margin.

4. Know the difference between objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): More traffic to a website may be nice and it also increases your visibility, but if your goal is to build subscribers or members traffic then it’s only a KPI that will help. So here getting more traffic can be your objective but converting visitors to subscriber can be done with the help of set KPIs. Logically, more traffic will fetch more subscribers and you want to track this thing, but remember it will not count for your success metric. Most web experts are extremely particular of this difference, however there are many marketers and businesses either confused or not bothered to define them at first place.

5. Integrate: The fruits of Web analytics cannot be achieved in isolation. If you want to get the best result and want to optimize your business according to analytics metrics, then you need to integrate web analytics with other important aspects like voice of customers (VOC), upcoming trends, digital marketing variables, session replay and testing for customer experience and satisfaction, market research etc.

Thus Successful business= Web Analytics + VOC + Trends + Digital Marketing + Session Replay + Testing + Market Research.

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    • 5 years ago

      John Abraham   /   Reply

      The first point in your blog refers to “benchmarking yourself and be transparent to the team”. May i ask which team you are referring to, can you be more specific.

      • 5 years ago

        Apurva   /   Reply

        people working under your unit can be a team. Generally people normally deal crackers don’t let their team to get know about their failures of not cracking the deal. But they should communicate same with their team. SO that there team already have an idea that they need to work hard. so be transparent.

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