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5 Email Autoresponder Ideas To Experience Success In Your Business

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An autoresponder has huge potential of becoming an indispensable part of your email marketing strategy. This is often referred to as drip campaign. By using an autoresponder you have a better control over the time when your content will reach your targeted customers’ mailbox. The following are 5 simple ideas to use autoresponder in a smart way to experience success in your email marketing campaign.

1. Welcoming New Subscribers

When a person shows interest in your business and subscribes to your newsletter or signs up for emails, you have a great opportunity landed at your doorstep. This is one good time when you can connect to the interested person and communicate about your business in a friendly way. An autoresponder can immediately land up in their mailbox for them to see a welcoming note or warm greetings making them connect to you.

2. Survey Your Customers

It is a good idea to shoot an email asking for the feedback of the purchasers who recently made a purchase form your website. This will not just give you an opportunity to learn about your mistakes and area of improvements but also create a sense of being cared in the minds of the email receivers.

3. Send Some Inspirational Quotes From Time To Time

This is a simple way to remain familiar in the minds of your targeted customers. A weekly, monthly  or bimonthly mail with inspirational and thought provoking content is the business strategy used by many smart businesses these days.

4. Confirm About Registrations

You can send an autoresponder to confirm if the person has registered with you. This will enable to have a better picture about the interest of the person in your business and its activities such as webinars, newsletters or may be an educational course.

5. Online Reviews

An autoresponder can be sent after a purchase to obtain the reviews of the purchasers online. This is a neat and effective way to gather the important information about how your business is doing. You can include a link that is quick to open and help the reader land on the relevant page asking just 1-3 things in a Q/A format or in the form of a one liner.

Use any or all of these ideas and make your email marketing campaign complete and robust enough to obtain the desired goals.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      What will happen if the email does not contain substantial stuff? Do you think ‘inspirational quotes’ will serve the purpose? Any example of conversion through quotes?

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