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5 Email Marketing Campaign Tips To Increase ROI

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Email marketing is one of the best tools for growing business with respect to reaching and maintaining the customers. Though few years back, marketers claimed email was dead. Well, that is not true. The trends we are seeing, it seems that email marketing is more lively than it ever was!  According to the most recent reports from the Direct Marketing Association, for every $1 spent on advertising, it gives a return of approximately $43 which can go up to $70.



Oh wait, as a marketer, you cannot just hit someone’s inbox with emails and expect to be a winner. In an email marketing campaign, there are some which go directly to the spam folder. There are some strategies you need to follow in order to get such profitable returns. Enlisted below are 5 tips that can fetch you more subscribers and increase the engagement.

5 Practical Tips For Email Marketing Campaign

1. Effective Opt-in Strategy

Well, here lies a challenge. If you don’t have any subscribers, then employing an effective email marketing campaign could be a difficult task. But don’t buy a list of emails. This will make your open rates as well as your return on investment dreadful. The reason being that same list might be probably sold to other companies in the market and this will be marked as spammer the moment you send out your first newsletter.

Practical Methods to Build Quality List

Given below are the practical methods to build a quality list:

  • When you create an effective opt-in campaign for your website, you should also add an engaging message on a sign-up box. However, you should be sure of the position of that box. If you place the box near the top of the website, it will work best. In this case, pop-ups are also fine. If you don’t let customers know what advantage or value they will get from subscription then they might not subscribe to you.
  • If your website asks users for account registration, then you can incorporate list sign-up into that registration.
  • Give incentives!!! Providing incentives for signing up would definitely get you massive subscribers. You can give a discount code or may a free download. There is another option you can go for which is Content Upgrade. For instance, you post an article about career opportunities in digital marketing for students on your blog, yet promise email subscribers a more in-depth article and a video demonstration. This tactic was used by Authority Hacker just once and by Content Upgrade, they collected more than 11,000 new email subscribers.
  • To be honest, you should focus on quality as well as quantity when it comes to an email list. If your list of emails is of low-quality then it will surely affect the delivery rates. Hence, the open rates of your messages will be lowered.
2. How to Improve Email Open Rates

Talking about email open rates, having a huge list of emails is only half the work. There are more elements to a successful email marketing campaign like opening those emails and engaging in the content. The open rate of your email is the percentage of your list who, you thought would open it, actually opened your email. With these tactics, you can increase your email open rates.



4 Hacks To Improve Email Open Rates
  • According to Neal Taparia, a marketer, you can increase the email open rates by over 54% by re-sending unopened emails. You can slightly modify the subject line before you re-send it, if you want.
  • Subject lines are the most important! They matter almost more than anything else as it gives an idea of what is there inside the email. You should keep your subject line persuasive, focused and obviously, short (between 25 to 30 characters). You need to remember not to put spammy words like ‘free’, ‘urgent’, or ‘cash’, and they should never be in ALL CAPS.
  • The frequency of the emails should be taken into consideration as they can affect the open rates. Recommendations on the frequency with which emails are sent can vary but on an average, you should send at least one email per week. According to a recent study by a marketer from a particular industry, suggests that one should send emails up to six times in a week.
  • The matter of your emails is important. Email open rates, as well as, click-through rates may fluctuate depending upon the characteristics of your target audience. This is the reason you might need to do some testing. As per Marketergizmo, the middle of the week is best to send emails.
3. Optimize for Mobile

Having no mobile is an alien concept nowadays. If your email marketing campaigns are not optimized for mobile users, then you are losing a huge segment of your market. According to Shayna Marks, a digital communicator, mobile-optimized email is ‘small screens, big problems’.

Optimizing your emails for mobile users is a crucial and important task. As per Litmus, in 2015, about 33 percent of all emails were opened on an iPhone and more than 55 percent of all emails were opened via mobiles. These facts and figures will only increase in the coming time as people check their emails numerous times in a day.



As per the study of The Relevancy Group and LiveClicker, 2015, the biggest issue people have with mobile email is that the emails are too small to read and interact with, the email and landing pages are not optimized for mobiles. Also, the messages have formatting problems for mobile phones. Ideally, email messages should be responsive and load quickly so that they can be viewed by mobile and tablet users without any hassle.

While creating a campaign, you should test the message on different devices before you send it to your target audience.

4. Videos Can Make Your Email Marketing

Video marketing has created a niche for itself in the last five years but incorporating videos in email marketing is still somewhat new. Well, we all love videos and this is evident from the fact that 500 minutes of video is uploaded on YouTube every day! Ok, this are some facts to blow your mind. Each day, Americans watch:

  • 8,061 years of video content on YouTube, and
  • 713 years of videos on Facebook.

As per the eMarketer report, 4x as many consumers would prefer watching a video about a service or product over reading about the same. With these findings, it is estimated that videos in email marketing messages can increase click-through rates by 3 times and thereby, boost a company’s ROI (return on investment) by 40%.  Excited to incorporate this, right? Why wouldn’t you!



However, remember one thing…Though videos seem to be the next big thing in email marketing, there is one potential hurdle. Video playback cannot be incorporated with some email systems because of the compatibility issues. Well, don’t lose hope, you can get around this by embedding a GIF in your email messages with a button that looks similar to a video player one. As the reader will hit the ‘play’ button, they will be redirected to a landing page with the embedded video.

Here is an additional advantage of doing this, you have just redirected the reader to your website. While using this method, you should keep two things in mind. One is setting an auto-play once the reader is redirected and the second is to have a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end that redirects the user to their next step.

5. Priority: Quality Content

If your content is not engaging and relevant enough to your subscribers, then the question of opening or not opening the email won’t matter. If your content is of no value then they won’t choose to open it the next time. Your content should be visually appealing as well as intriguing along with little bit of promotion.


You should know what the purpose of your email is. Do you want to write it as an announcement, newsletter, exclusive offer, lead nurturing, or informative piece? Whatever it be, don’t compromise on the quality of the piece. People should appreciate your message while reading the emails.

Finally, add images, a lot of images! As per Nielsen Norman Group, 80 percent of the users only scan your email messages. This means you should focus on a strong headline, a clear call to action (CTA), and some bold images. Another study that backs this up is by HubSpot which says 65% of the readers prefer emails that have more images. Well, don’t overuse the images. As a thumb rule, you should use 30% of your space for images.



A follow up is always necessary! You should be knowing how your emails performed and what are the areas of improvement. For the purpose of assessing the success of emails, you can learn more from this webinar on email marketing. Share with us how your emails are performing and where do you face the challenge?

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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