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5 Email Marketing Misconceptions That Harm Your Business

5 Email Marketing Misconceptions That Harm Your Business

MisconceptionMany of the businesses don’t opt for email marketing, due to the misconceptions surrounding email marketing.Email Marketing is one of the most preferred channel for online marketing, which has been in the marketing industry since a long time. Here, are a few misconceptions which highlights the actual facts.

1. Not Profitable

Almost, all the working class people have an email address these days.With the help of emails, one can easily get in touch with people. Since, it acts a medium of communication between people.This is an affordable medium  used to create email marketing campaigns. Nowadays, various email marketing tools are available in the market for free. Some of them are MailChimp, Mad Mimi, Constant Contact, Zoho etc. These tools have inbuilt templates.Therefore, it eliminates the need of a template designer.

2. Subscribers Do Not Want To Hear

Subscribers do not want to hear from you only when they receive an email which they haven’t subscribed for or the content of the email is irrelevant for them. One can always send an email to check their email preferences. The subscribers have subscribed to your email because they wish to know more about your products and  be updated. Email marketing is permission based marketing. One can subscribe and unsubscribe when ever he or she wants, provided there is an option unsubscribe in the email. Therefore, the subscriber does not want to hear, until and unless, the content is relevant and they have signed up for it.

3. Email Templates Are Time Consuming

The presentation of the content for the consumers depends upon you. Many email marketing tools provide in built email templates which can be edited as per the content. One can add text and images, and the email template is ready. According to Statistics, a simple email template has high open rates as compared to  highly designed email template. Furthermore, one needs to keep in mind that people hardly give 30 sec per email, while a highly designed email takes time to load the picture. Thus,  a simple email template will fetch higher open rates and response rates.

4.You Should Sell Something With Every Email

There are different types of email marketing. Transnational emails, promotional emails, service emails and newsletter are a few of them .One should not attempt to sell something with every mail. The subscribers want to know about your products. So, always keep them updated about products, send out thank you emails, transnational emails or the service emails. There should be a a certain frequency gap while sending out emails.This will help build a relationship with the subscribers and increase loyalty.

5. Loud Email Subject Lines

Loud subject lines may look like shouting at customers. Use of special characters, symbols are  a turn off. By using caps in the subject lines fetch low open rates. Using of spam words int he subject lines are banned by ESP. Therefore, Subject lines needs to be short, precise and in relevance to the content of the email being sent to attract more open rates.

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