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5 Email Marketing Secrets To Take You From Beginner To Pro

5 Email Marketing Secrets To Take You From Beginner To Pro

Email marketing, one of the most used on-line channels for promotions and sharing content. It’s easy to set up and even free in some cases. Despite this, there are a few lesser known email marketing practices that may help you improve your existing campaigns. If you are new to email marketing, check out email marketing guide to understand how email marketing works.

  1. Growing email database through Social Media and using Google Operators

Growing your database, it’s the first and the most important step of email marketing. Getting people to sign up for freebies, webinars, newsletters, etc., are the most common ways of getting people’s email IDs to grow your database. Buying and sharing databases with other companies, though less common as most companies are reluctant to do it, is also a well known practice to grow your database.

  • Apart from these, extracting email IDs of your contacts on social media is a great way to grow your database. While Facebook allows you to extract only the email IDs of the people who you are friends with, you could connect with the decision making people of various companies through LinkedIn and then export their email IDs to start sending them emails. This is especially useful for B2B companies to grow their databases.
  • Google search operators are codes that you enter in the search bar to get more specific results. You can use these to search for specific email IDs like for example if you want the email IDs of CRM managers on LinkedIn, based in Delhi, with Gmail or Yahoo IDs, you could search for

Site: “Delhi” “CRM” “Managers” “” or “”

To search for specific people working in certain companies, you could type

“email* *company” “person’s name”

For example “@* *ibm” “Peter muller”

Once you get the search results, you can use softwares like eel surf 7 to extract the email IDs and then copy them to excel. Data cleansing will be required and you will also have to verify the email IDs through softwares like Max prog. This can be a cumbersome process, but you might just get rewarded with a list of good email IDs with the clever use of operators. However operators are best used to find IDs of people whose name, designation and the company they work for are already with you.

  1. Email marketing – a conversation between you and your potential customers

Email marketing provides an opportunity to personalize communication like no other online channel. Instead of using it to just advertise your product/service, treat it like a one on one conversation with your potential customers.

  • Engage them at every step of their buying cycle, right from when they sign up with you. Keeping them constantly engaged will improve the chances of them converting.
  • Create separate emailers based on their response.
  • Segregate the people in your email list based on some criteria and target them with different content.

This type of email marketing is called drip or life cycle emails. This entire process from sending autoresponders to planning when to send what content can be automated through tools such as

Example of a simple drip email plan:

drip email

  1. Using Sender ID and From Name to get better results

  • Sender ID
    • Since there is a huge risk of your domain name getting black listed if too many people report you as spam, it is always better to purchase secondary domains which you can use for your marketing purposes.
    • Use words like ‘newsletter’ in the email ID you want to send the mails from, for example This will help you bypass the spam filters on the receivers end.
  • From name –
    • Using a person’s name as the ‘from name’, especially a woman’s name will improve your open rates.
    • Using your company’s name as the ‘from name’ will improve your brand’s recall.

Test to see what works best for you.

  1. Tracking campaign conversions through Google Analytics

Your email service provider, will give you campaign stats like bounce rate, open rate etc. By connecting Google Analytics to your website, you can get the number of people who have visited your site and other website related data. What you will not get to begin with is the ability to track conversions like how many people have signed up for your newsletter or purchased your product, etc. through clicking links in your email campaign. Well you can do this through a simple tool called the Google URL builder which will help you track your campaigns even better through Google Analytics.

What the URL builder does is it adds a tracking code to the URL of your web page that you want your e-mails to link to. All you have to do is provide the URL of the web page you want the campaign to link to, a few campaign details and the tool will give you a new URL. Use this URL instead of your web page’s URL as the link for your campaign and you are good to go.

url builder

You will be able to see your campaign results under the acquisition tab on the left side of your Google Analytics account.

 Google Analytics

Don’t forget to set what type of conversion you are looking for.

Google Analytics

  1. Preventing people from unsubscribing

Delivering right content to the right people at the right time and making your emails mobile friendly itself should reduce the number of people who are unsubscribing. The number of people who are unsubscribing can be further reduced as follows:

When someone clicks the unsubscribe link, get them to fill a small form or take a small survey. The length of the form or survey should be just right for this to work and ask questions that will help you improve your campaign. In most cases people will stick with the subscription rather than take the survey or fill the form. In the few cases where people continue to opt out by filling in the details, you would have at least got their feedback which will help you improve your future campaigns. However if you make this process too tedious then people may get fed up with you and report you as spam. Keep testing and experimenting to see what works best for you.

Now that you know the secrets of email marketing, use them to sensationalize your campaigns. Do let us know if there are more such secrets by leaving a comment below.

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