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5 Email Marketing Tips That Save You From The Pitfalls Positively

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Email marketing is one of the most commonly followed marketing style by the businesses nowadays. The marketers send emails containing quality information about their products and/or services and try to build a communication link with their target customers. So, to help the ambitious business persons, here are 5 email marketing tips that will surely save one from falling into the pitfalls while on the journey towards success.

  1. Email address

Lose here and lose on the entire campaign! A recipient will open up the mails only when they he is sure about the authenticity of the same. Hence, in order to win his trust and help him click on the email, make sure that the emails are send from a valid email address. Try to include either your name or the company’s name in it.

  1. Content inside

An email should not appear as too colloquial and chatty which actually results in its poor performance as it sends a bad impression to the reader. An email should be balanced in its tone which must be a good mix of professional and friendly tone. Hire experts who can help you out with this.

Another point to be noted regarding the content is to pay attention to the plain text as there might pop up a situation that demands the graphics to be discarded or ignored. Therefore the text in the email must be readable as well as visually appealing.

  1. Reading pattern

It is found that usually the readers read from left to right at the top and again scrolling down and reading the content at the bottom. This pattern is referred to as ‘Z’ pattern which enables the reader not just to read quickly but grasp the main point(s) instantly. Hence, design an email in such a way that the important point goes to the reader easily. Also, the left corner at the bottom and the centre position at the top are good places to put the logo of the company and draw attention towards it.

  1. Embed backlinks

Do not shy away from including few backlinks in an email. These links need not be just for the website but can also be for the Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. The reader will be motivated to know more about the business via different routes that are not difficult to follow.

  1. Subject Line and CTAs

Subject line must have not more than 40-45 characters in order to be catchy enough. There is a lot of space in the email to tell the story. But this is not the place to do so and demands that there are only few words to tell the purpose of the communication.

Call to action if included in an email enhances its effectiveness as a marketing tool. The reader is taken one step closer to know the intention of the sender and understand what he can gain from the same. Offer something good and the reader is likely to click on the CTA button.

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