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5 Email Marketing Tips That Will Make You A Winner

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So many marketers are using the tool of email marketing these days but not all are getting the results they desire. For the aid of such marketers, we are giving here five useful tips that will make them a winner!

1) Segment the market judiciously

It is necessary to segment the market properly before launching your email marketing campaign. It will help you in identifying and then targeting the customers.  For this purpose, knowing the interests, activities and unique demands of the each segment holds the key. Once you have properly profiled your customers, it will not at all be difficult to cater to the specific needs of different types of customers in a personalised and efficient manner.

2) Re- connect with your customers

It is not very productive idea to just weed out inactive customers from your list.  Instead it is advisable to connect with them once again. You can adopt a number of methods to re-ignite the interest of such customers such as rescheduling the editorial calendar, improving your content or even to alter the layout design of your email if you think that it will help in your efforts. By trying these methods, you can expect quite a lot of your customers to come back to you.

3) Analyse effectiveness of your campaign

Merely sending emails without having any specific goal in mind is simply not a wise business strategy. You should first set specific goals before you launch your email campaign.  After you have set targets for your campaign, it will be possible to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Analytical tools such as Google Analytics can always be used to understand the behaviour as well as the preferences of your customers. This way it will be possible to know the frequency with which they open their emails, click at hyperlinks, subscribe to your newsletters or visit you online and buy your products.

4) Use CTAs

It is generally a tendency of the subscribers to know what is next on offer. So, instead of  sending an abstract email, prepare a route-map to let the readers know what is going to be  offered to them next. For example you may say: Grab your e-book copy here, attend a free Webinar today at 6.00 p.m. etc. However,  the CTAs should be kept short and precise.  Further, you can use smart forms to collect more information about your customers which will help you in segmenting your subscribers and customers.

5) Provide solution-oriented content

A good number of subscribers are looking for credible solutions to the problems being encountered by them. Therefore, there is a golden opportunity before you to make them your loyal subscribers if your content help them in solving their problems. So, you will do well to offer content which is solution-oriented and relevant to their needs. In this way, you will be able to convert your leads into clients and enjoy fullest benefits from your email campaign.

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