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5 Email Marketing Tips To Enhance The Value Of Your Emails

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Email marketing is a trend catching up fast among all types of businesses and all types of institutions.  They are adopting their own strategies and own styles to extract value from such campaigns but not all are sure of what to do.  Therefore, they need some guidance to make their email marketing more valuable and more productive in an economical and convenient way.  In order to be of value to such marketers, given below are some tips that will go a long way in helping them achieve this goal.

1. Use mobile devices

It is more profitable to send emails which are mobile friendly because emails on mobile devices are read more than the emails on desktop.  You should concentrate more on the impact of your content and conversation in addition to paying due attention to the design and layout of the same.

2. Three clickable links

To ensure that the email sent by you get more clicks, a well-tested technique is to include in your email same link (clickable) three times.  It should be once in each of the following sections of your email:

  • Introduction
  • Body of the email
  • Postscript of the email

By using this technique, you will be getting at least double response as compared to one link. Thus, you get rewarded twice for your efforts of writing one email.  However, you should make sure that all these links are the same and click to same place because if the links from an email connect to different places, there will be only confusion and consequently, poor or no response.

3. Make your content interesting

You should be constantly on look out for such blogs and websites as relate to your market.  You may, for this purpose, collect those interesting articles about which you will like to write or in which your readers will be interested. As it is only natural for people to stay hooked to content that is interesting and valuable to them, you just have no option except to keep striving for it.  Towards this end, you can leverage content of other people (with due acknowledgement to the authors) provided you know that it will be of value to them.

4. Be brief and precise

To achieve higher CTRs, it is advisable to have shorter emails with brief and precise messages as it will not give the readers any reason to skip your email.  But to ensure variety in your emails, not all of them need to be short.

5. Timing is important

Not all the days and all the time are the best for sending out your emails. Therefore, it is better to send emails on the first days after weekends and similarly, after the morning rush hour because people may not find time during the morning hours when they are in a hurry to catch up with their daily routine or in the weekends when they may be more inclined in clearing their in-boxes or simply too busy in enjoying the weekends to even notice your email.

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