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5 Essentials Of Google Adword Which One Should Know

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google adwordToday, there are a number of features available on the Google Adword platform, which one can use for improving one’s marketing campaign. Of the same, the following are some of the simple and essential features which one must know to create a good PPC campaign.

Callout Extensions

A Callout Extension is a new simple feature provided by Google which one can use to do effective marketing. Here, one can add an extra line of ad texts to one’s ads. Shown below, highlighted in green, is an example of a Callout Extension.


Callout extensions look similar to sitelinks, however, unlike sitelinks, they do not need a unique landing page for every callout. Hence, it is easier to setup a callout extension with a lot less restrictions, as compared to a sitelink.

The introduction of this new feature has helped in increasing the amount of ad space one needs, to give additional information in the ad. One can add more generic selling points to the ad to be more specific, which otherwise was a difficult task. Adding specifics to the ad always helps in getting more conversions. They also help the marketers to be more creative with one’s ad text. Similar to sitelinks, the callouts can be added at the account level and hence one can get started in just 10 minutes by adding five relevant callouts such as:

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Day-to-day shipping
  • Authorized Reseller
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Online Chat
  • Personal Support
  • Price match
  • Covers the metro area


Remarketing is a type of advertising technique wherein the advertisement follows you, once you click to leave the website. This usually happens if you have decided to leave the page without taking any action or buying any products. It is a good method used by marketers to entice the potential customers with an additional offer, to reconsider their decision to buy the service or product. This method has been used quite a lot by marketers to get sales and revenue out of the traffic that have landed on your web page.

For example, let us assume that a customer who is interested in buying a hair care product has landed on a website after clicking on a particular advertisement. After going through the content of the website, he decides to leave the page without buying anything. When this happens, an advertisement comes up on his screen, ”Hey, didn’t find anything interesting? Here, is an amazing offer of “buy one and get one free” for this product. Hurry!! This offer is valid only till the next half an hour!!”

This way the marketer is trying to get his potential customer back, by giving a discount. This is called Remarketing.

Implement a Good Mobile Strategy

The reach of mobile handsets has changed the dynamics of online marketing. A very large number of searches happen on the mobile, which cannot be neglected. One needs to take advantage of this opportunity and derive maximum benefit out of the same. Irrespective of what kind of business one is in, local or e-commerce, one can use the right mobile strategy to benefit from the same. Below are some of steps one can take to ensure optimum results of your mobile traffic:

  1. Having a responsive or mobile-friendly website
  2. Writing mobile-preferred ads i.e. ads that will only show up on mobile)
  3. Implementing bid adjustments for mobile users who match ROI

It is very crucial for any business to have a mobile friendly website. If the website is not designed for mobile, it is very sure that the marketer is losing business on account of unsatisfied mobile customers.

Third Party Tools

Unlike sometime back, when not many cost efficient tools were available, many third-party tools are now available which are designed to help one optimize one’s Google campaigns. Earlier, to work with a PPC tool, meant using a brand new interface and hence go through a cumbersome process. Most of the tools are very expensive and not very user friendly. This makes marketers less likely to go for using these tools. For the mid- sized advertiser, not many alternatives were available. Most of them were manual in functionality.

Following are some of the tools available which can used for one’s Google Adwords campaign:

  • Optmyzr from Frederick Vallaeys
  • Hero Pro from Hanapin Marketing
  • Adalysis from Brad Geddes
  • DataFeedWatch
  • WordStream
  • Invoca
  • Ifbyphone

Using Ad Customizers

Ad customizer is a new addition which has recently come up. Using an Ad customizer, one can feed one’s ads dynamically from an Excel or any other file.

Below are some of its used cases:

  • Pricing
  • Countdown feature for a sale or event
  • Using one ad for multiple product keywords

Ad customizers are not very straight forward and will need some practise to master. But having mastered the skill, it can save a lot of time and can provide very good performance. Some of the e-commerce stores have used ad customizers to increase their sales by 25-50% overnight, by simply creating more relevant and specific ads.

Hence, it is advisable to choose one feature at a time and mastering the same. There are a lot of features offered on the Google Adwords platform and this makes the marketers stick to just the basic ones. It is a good practise to excel at a few features first and then work towards improving one’s campaigns continuously throughout the year. One can start with simple features like adding callout extension to one’s campaign. Another simple feature like designing a good mobile website, can also go a long way in improving one’s business. Slowly, one can look out for new features and learn to use them in order to bring a decent impact on your performance.

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