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5 Good Examples Of Email Marketing Showing You The Way Forward

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In this era of Social media marketing, emails are still one of the  most effective and widely used marketing channels in acquiring prospective customers.But the success of each marketing campaigns depends upon how well the email is crafted in getting the relevant message conveyed to the prospects.Below are 5 good examples of an effective email marketing:

  • Visually Pleasing And Adequately Spaced Email Copy

stumbleuponStumbleupon is a form of web search engine that recommends personalized web content to its users.On the right, shown is a personalized mail which it had sent to a customer.The mail is visually pleasing with all the sections given equal weightage and a glimpse on each topic. The example on the right shows the importance of crafting an email copy with proper spacing and good images which can woo your customers coming back for more.The key point here is, readability and an aesthetically designed email copy.

  • Responsive Email Design

We are living in an age where users depend upon multiple electronic platforms viz. mobiles, tablets, etc. It is very essential that emails we send to customers cater to all platform users. Responsive designs can make scrolling to a minimum on the touch screen platforms, making it convenient to all.  Below is an example of  an email that has responsive design.responsive 1

responsive 2


  • Design To Communicate Better


It is of utmost importance that when sending emails, the designs should complement the content in getting the message conveyed to the customer. Most marketers face this issue where the message gets mixed up in all the graphic designs and hence these campaigns will go futile in efficiently engaging the customers. Shown on the right is an example of design which communicates better. Here Uber, a transportation network company based in San Francisco shows how its fare rates are better than regular taxi services using a  crisp design

  • Set The Expectations Right Through The Subject Line

It’s always essential that the subject line should be catchy at the same time convey the brief message of the elaborate content inside the email. Below is an example of email send by eBay:

subject line

Subject line

subject line 2

Mail Content

  • Engage With Customers Intelligently On Different Platforms

When engaging the customer with a Call To  Action (CTA) on different platforms, it’s essential to think from the customer’s standpoint. Take the example of how AT & T, the telecommunication service provider based in the US engaged the customers in two different manner on desktop & mobile platform.  For desktop users the CTA was shop online or call the toll free number while for the mobile users it was a simple “Call Now” button.

        Design for Platform

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