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5 Good PPC Tricks You Can Trust For Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign

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These are a few tricks one can trust for a successful SEM campaign. The ultimate aim is higher conversions and higher ROI:


If conversion is high at a particular time of a day or a particular day in a week or a particular location or Device, one should bid higher by 10% to 30%, so that the conversions are high.


If your position in the Search results page is 4 or 5 and your conversions are decent, bid for the highest position after doing trials with keywords while remaining within your budget.


Single Keyword Ad Groups or SKAGS allow you to hyper target your ad and landing page. It  needs to be an exact match and should be added as negatives to other campaigns to increase conversions.

4) RLSA :

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads or RLSA, is a concept which has gained momentum in 2013, where you begin to understand customer data that has visited your site once. By using Google’s Remarketing pixel, your ad is displayed and it follows the customers on the net, thus reinforcing the product in the minds of the customers. A cookie pool of a minimum of 1000 customers is required to use this technique so that customer secrecy is maintained and the ad also has a big enough audience.


People like getting discounts or coupons, so improve on the special offers, though keeping your ROI in mind. Also, call extensions, product extensions and sitelinks should not be overlooked as these increase conversions.

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