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5 Good Tips For A Successful Search Engine Marketing Campaign Through Effecive Ads

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In today’s world everyone irrespective of the scale of the business is trying to use SEM as a tool to advertise and in turn to generate sales volume and brand awareness of the product they want to sell. The platforms like google AdWords etc. are so easily reachable that it mostly comes as a hasty decision to go ahead with a SEM ad campaign without any proper planning  and later resulting in costly ineffective strategy.

So lets have a look at few tips which can help the advertiser to get the most out of SEM as follows:

1) KEYWORDS MATCHING: One should avoid the BROAD keyword search option  as this attracts a lot of unwanted traffic hence increases the cost of the campaign. For example if  an ice cream parlour  selects  ice and cream as keywords with broad search option, in that case his ad will appear in the search page when someone searches for information on ice bergs or if someone searches  for  baby cream. So it’s very important to go for  keyword  matching options like phrases or broad search modifier. Even putting a negative key word also helps to bring down unwanted visitors. If we take the above example of Ice Cream Parlour then the negative keywords like   baby etc will result in non appearance of ad in search of baby cream  and so on.

2) RELEVANT LANDING PAGES: Once a searcher clicks on your ad in the search page it’s very important that he should be directed to a page on your website which has the information about the same thing that the ad highlights. For example if the ad of  a travel company claims lowest fares of flight from  Mumbai to Delhi but when I click on it I land on the home page of the  company which details about all the services provided by the company.This might trigger a negative reaction and the searcher might exit the website.

3)EFFECTIVE AD COPY: The ad copy should be such which highlights the USP(unique selling proposition) of the company which will help to attract the  customers. As for example  if  there is a SPA which gives pick and drop facility to the clients and if this is highlighted in the ad would definitely attract more customers because of convenience. Ad copy should also have a feature of  CALL TO ACTION by using words like” call now” or” book now”  as it prompts the searcher to click on the link.

4) SET THE TARGET AUDIENCE EFFECTIVELY: One needs to be clear about the geographical location in which the ad should be displayed. For example  for a local retailer in India  who delivers within the country  it will make no sense  for his ad to appear  to someone sitting in USA. One can also set the timing in which the  ad should appear after  analyzing the data of hit and conversation based on timing. For example a fast food restaurant which closes at 10 pm will have no conversations  for a search for home delivery of food at midnight.

5)TEST AD COPY: One needs to analyse how different versions of ad linked with different landing pages give results . This helps in bidding of the most effective keyword  and also  helps in eroding the most ineffective one.

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