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5 Good Tips To Rock On Facebook And Make Your Social Media Marketing A Grand Success

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Facebook aOf late social media marketing has been instrumental in changing the way we conduct business today. It has become one of the most essential ingredient of any successful digital marketing strategy.

Any business or organisation which is able to take good advantage of the social media opportunity has a positive chance of reaping benefits in the form of increased reach, more engagement with the targeted customer base. If the businesses are looking to improve branding, generating more and relevant leads, extending excellent customer service and enhancing goodwill then it is important that they focus on building good social media marketing strategy.

There are a host of social media platforms available today like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler coupled with rise of new ones. One of the oldest and most important of the lot being Facebook. Following are few tips which can help you to optimize your efforts on platforms like Facebook and make your social media marketing strategy a success.

  • Always plan before kick-starting your campaign

GoalBefore starting have a well thought out plan in place. Identify and define your goals, how are you going to measure them. Having a well chalked out plan and the measuring metrics ready will help you to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right place and will ensure long term success. If you have a clear focus regarding your objectives it will provide right direction to the quality of your social media content.

PlanningFor e.g. you are an Indian online e-commerce portal specializing in manufacturing and marketing of ethnic wear and want to target the US and European market. Now to cater to these markets your social media content should focus on events and customer taste and preferences of these region. To get more traction you can start up a contest/scheme during events like Memorial Day, Prom day, Valentine day, Halloween, Boxing Day etc. and design your content with a theme around these events.

  • Establishing your orHarley fb pageganisation’s persona

Establish a consistent ‘company voice’. It can be professional, friendly, knowledgeable or funny. You should adopt a style that will appeal to your target customers. Also take care that your voice maintains consistency. A case in point is Facebook profile of Harley Davidson. Here a consistency is maintained and all the content is developed and directed towards its audience (Bikers/riders).

  • Planning the COMMENT strategy

Responding to comments whether positive or negative also plays a very important role in projedos and dontscting the image of the organization/brand in the minds of the customers. Always prepare proper guidelines regarding the do’s and don’ts while interacting with the customers. A proper line should be drawn as what can and cannot be said.

Cos. should also clearly define the ways of handling negative comments. For e.g. do list can include following being friendly, sharing, being helpful, being professional, being generous, complimenting, taking part in good discussions etc. Similarly a don’t list should state a strict no to arguing, being boring, confronting, calling names, criticizing, saying too much, indulging in politics.

  • Planning a schedule for your content

FB scheduleOnce you are ready to participate in the social media discussion and conversation, not only plan the content that appeals to your audience but also make a time schedule as to when you are going to post your content. Try to post your content at the time when you think your customers are most responsive. For e.g. if you are news channel try to post your content early probably at start of the day etc. You can also use tools like Hootsuite which helps you to pre-schedule your post and link it with your Facebook profile.


  • under reviewMeasuring, tweaking and always improving your content

Always keep on reviewing the objectives of your campaign at regular intervals and wherever necessary tweak, add, remove, amend your approach and strategies to improve engagement. Suppose on your Facebook profile just posting discounts on products/services is not giving you the required traction then probably to increase engagement you can run contests like asking customers to share their selfies in their favourite clothes.


Social Media marketing provides businesses and individuals great opportunity to build goodwill and improve their online reputation. If you are able to effectively tap in the power of social media platforms like Facebook you can very well have a better advantage over your competitors.

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