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5 Good Ways Of Getting The Maximum Out Of A Hangout Event At Google+

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This blog discusses 5 interesting ways to get the maximum out of a Hangout event on Google plus. Hope this will solve the problem to some extent!

Share and get shared

You would agree that your business doesn’t works in isolation. What you give is what you receive holds very well for the events like Hangouts as well. Share the Hangout events of your fellow businesses and ask them to do the same for you. This will not only generate a positive feeling between the two businesses but will also serve both the parties quite well in generating more leads through such events.

Online Ads

Facebook ads or ads on Google can serve your purpose well. The Facebook ads promoting the Hangout event and asking the readers to attend it are a good solution to the problem of selecting a target audience and then grabbing their attention. Since the ad is floated freely all the time on not just the Facebook page of the company but also other relevant pages, it will attract the attention of the interested people who will click on the ad and try to find out the details of the ad.

The same holds true for the ads posted on Google. The readers looking for a quality article will get a link to the Hangout event which he may be more enthusiastic about as he will be getting a chance to interact with the industry experts and hence, participate in the live event or catch up the recording which is interactive and interesting to spend time with.

Another type of ad is that on LinkedIn. You can post ads for the company with the Hangout link embedded in it. This will give your audience a message that you are an active social media user and want to engage with them on the Hangout event. The professionals on the LinkedIn are a good target as they can contribute something on a deeper level due to their expertise.

Press Releases communicate well

Unlike the past decade that has seen the press releases working as a dull source of information, the press releases today are more like a marketing tool. Use the sites such as to promote the press releases which in turn will promote the Hangout event that is going to be conducted in the near future on Google plus. Create a press release about the event and release it well before the time so as to ensure the best response.

Craigslist forum

A forum can be used to post the ads many times in a single day about a particular topic from the various categories of the same. This will help you engage with the online users for different topics. Do not overdo it as it may result in getting yourself spammed which will degrade the quality of your ads immensely.

Tweet with proper hashtags

A hashtag that is relevant to your event is a good way to enable the people stay connected with the ones who are also interested in the events. So, create relevant hashtags that are event specific and can be shared by the people for further promotion of the event.

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