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5 Google Adwords Strategic Steps To Bid High And Earn More

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gaIt goes without saying that advertising through Google Adwords tops the list of various advertising modes over digital media platforms. Choosing advertising through Google Adwords, one can be sure to feature at the top of the search results thereby achieving maximum visibility to viewers. For this, it is imperative for one to have large budget as it is a well known fact that that advertising through Google Adwords is one of the most expensive modes of digital advertising. If not done properly, it can lead to huge wastage of money, with no results. The way Google Adwords work is that, the one who bids the highest, gets to feature at the top of the list. Being top on the list ensures visibility of the advertisement by visitors. In order to gain maximum benefit out of advertising through Google Adwords, there some strategies, that can be of great help.

Let us have a look at few of the strategies which can help in getting the best out of advertising on Google ads:

ktUse the Google Adwords keyword tool to make an estimation of the CPC (Cost per Click)

Before one bids on any keyword, it is important to have an estimation of the bid amount. For this, Google has provided a tool with which one can make an estimation of the bid amount on any keyword. The tool provides you with the average cost per click on the keyword in the last month. This way, one can know if investing on a particular keyword will make business sense or not. Also, one needs to keep in mind not to blindly rely on the result provided by this tool. Hence, it should only be used as a tool to make an estimation of what should be the bid amount. One should use one’s discretion while making the final decision.

Check your advertisement position

After one is done with setting up of the campaign, it should be run for a few hours to check the performance of the same. One should look for the position of the advertisement achieved, basis the campaign settings. If the position of the advertisement is below 1, then one needs to revise the bid amount on the keywords. One might need to bid a higher amount on the keyword in order to get a higher position. One should keep in mind to recheck this figure by inserting the main keyword in the Google search box. It is sometimes noted that, there is a discrepancy in the result given by Google and where the advertisement is actually displayed.

Edit Keyword settings

Based on the performance of the campaign, one needs to keep editing the keyword settings in order to get optimum results. This needs to be done consistently so as to ensure that the settings are giving the best results and in case any change needs to be made, then the same is done immediately so as to reflect upon the results. To raise the bid on the keywords, one needs to click on the top box on the top of the keywords and choose “edit keyword settings”. This will display the default bid box for all the keywords. One can set the same bid amount as default for all keywords or have separate bid amount for each keyword. To set the same bid amount for all keywords, the amount needs to be edited in the “default bid” box. In order to bid separate amount for separate keywords, one needs to change the amount on the “search bid” box.

Double Serving Rule

Google does not allow multiple ads from the same company, person or an affiliated company to be displayed on the same search result page. For example, if one searches for sports shoes, then advertisement for Reebok shoes from the same website or franchise, will be displayed only once on any search result page. Hence, if your product and your competitor’s product are pointing to the same url, then your advertisement will not get displayed. In order to come around this situation, make sure to outbid your competitor so that your advertisement will be displayed over his. Here, one has to be willing to pay more in order to get better visibility and feature on the top result pages as compared to the competitor advertisement.

Monitor your ads and track your keywords

Monitoring the performance of one’s ad campaign is the most important aspect of advertising on Google. If one does not do this and forgets about the campaign after it is set initially, there is a very high probability that the competitor can outbid you and come on top of the list. Hence, it is very crucial to constantly monitor the advertisements and in case the competitor has outbid you, then you need to raise the bid amount to outbid your competitor. In addition to monitoring your ads, it is also important to track the performance of your keywords. Hence, to track which keyword has generated maximum sale and which keyword has failed to generate any sale needs to be done on a regular basis. The keywords which have underperformed should be removed and replaced with new keywords. Also, the bid amount assigned to these keywords need to be checked and altered in order to maximum the outcome. If one has one’s own landing page, then the Google Analytics tool can be used to help track these results and assist one to make very informed business decisions.

With the above discussion, we can safely conclude that advertising on Google Ads is an on going process. Although, the best strategy to generate maximum traffic is to bid the highest among your competitors, it is important to note that if not done properly, it can lead to wastage of money and losses to business. To conclude, one needs to allot a large budget to advertise on Google Ads and also put in regular checks and monitoring to ensure that the investment is bringing in the desired results in terms of higher visibility and increase in traffic.

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