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5 Great Tips For SMEs In Email Marketing

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Email marketing when compared to other traditional marketing campaigns provides a lot of benefits to your enterprise. The email marketing has many great advantages if incorporated into your marketing plan which can boost your overall sales and improve user engagement at a very low overhead cost. Reduced time and  effort to market the messages,ability to send personalized mails, tracking the response rates of the messages, ability to send frequent communication messages etc. are  some of the benefits drawn out of the email marketing. Below are 5 great tips for Small and medium enterprises (SME) in email marketing:

  • Regularly updating and maintaining a validated database

This is one of the most important points to which most marketers gives the least importance. Regular updation of email database is necessary to keep your reputation very high and avoid getting blacklisted by the hosting ISP (internet service providers). Customers who have unsubscribed should be removed from the database immediately to avoid any further communication and respecting the customer’s privacy.

  • Importance to subject line

Subject lines play a very important role in the success of the email campaigns. It is very much necessary to test the subject lines whether it will trigger the spam filter or not. The ESP (email service provider) algorithm checks the subject lines before moving on to the email copy. Hence, subject lines is one of the key components in the deliverability of the email to the inbox. Its always best to keep the subject line clear and concise.

  • Keep the size of the email to minimum

It is always best to avoid any attachments, images or graphics which can increase the size of the email. The disadvantages involved are it takes longer loading time for the customer as well as reduces the chance of deliverability when going through spam filters. So always keep the email content to a minimum, with proportionate image to content ratio.

  • Always test the emails before sending

Put in extra minutes to test your emails before launch your campaigns. Ensure that the email content is free of typos, all images are visible and the hyper links are live. This ensures the authenticity as well as the deliverability of the emails.

  • Always include a Call To Action (CTA) and unsubscribe option

Ensure that these two links are available in all the mails you send. Firstly, CTA is necessary since it makes clear to the customer what you are expecting them to do and that you can be contacted for any assistance. Secondly, unsubscribe option should be clearly  made available to the customer, which again  shows that you respect the privacy of the customer. This again will increase your domain reputation.

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