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5 Great Web Analytics Tips That Help You Prosper At A Faster Pace

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‘Slow and Steady, Wins the Race’, this statement is indeed true when we see the current marketing scenario. Earlier organizations were busy pumping in huge amount of money for their advertisements be it an offline medium or online medium. Online mediums or channels have grabbed more attention over offline methods because of advent of mobile technologies, excellent internet packages etc. The affordability of customers has also gone up. Businesses just want to flow with the tide. Every business house is in race with their competitors and their ultimate objective is to tap their potential customers. Organizations have decided to go to any extent to realize their objective. This has led to many issues and as a result, many organizations started facing heavy criticism which fetched big thumbs down for their unplanned promotional campaigns.

Websites, blog, social media accounts and many other online platforms acts as the face of an organization. The objectives, strengths, weaknesses, social responsibilities etc. of an organization can be clearly visualised through these various online media channels. This puts an immense pressure on the organization or business as the world is watching them.

When things go out of control and when organizations are subjected to criticism, a system should be in place to level it up. Unless and until, an organization or an individual will not be able to analyse and evaluate their online presence, nothing much can be done to rectify the image. The need of the hour is to get a system installed or implemented to keep a check on all of the online activities and this is where the concept of Web Analytics germinates.

Web Analytics is an analytical methodology which helps a business or an individual marketer to know their business well. Web Analytics helps to gather all the necessary information about the website, online advertisement campaigns, revenue generated out of them, number of visitors, visitor’s behaviour and many other details. It would be really fascinating to know and understand that such data or report generated by Google Analytics can help organizations to take many important strategic decisions.

The following are the five Web Analytics tips that can help marketer to prosper at a better pace:

Tip 1: Use Tools

It is very difficult to digest or accept the number of web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Woopra, etc. available in the market. Many of these tools are available for free. An organization can choose one or more of these tools and implement them. When a marketer is using multiple channels to market themselves, it becomes really difficult to keep a track of their performances. It is very important to know which of these platforms are generating more business over others. Web Analytics tools will help the business to monitor all the activities happening on the website like number of clicks, number of visitors, demographic details of each visitor, the device being used to access the website, number of people accessing the videos and many more. Setting up an analytical tool on a website is a very simple process and once done organization can breathe easy.

Tip 2: Chose Right Person to man analytics

Web Analytics is a very user-friendly process. Sometimes, it is very difficult for an organization to decide whether they need an analytical tool and if yes, then interpreting the data becomes a huge issue. In order to overcome this issue, organizations have started employing data scientists. These data scientists will possess extensive experience in algorithms and data management. Even if an organization is not able to employ a data scientist, it must be ensured that an IT specialist should be able to interpret all the reports and data generated by analytical tool.

Tip 3: Track Mobile Operations

Mobiles have penetrated the market with a bang. People are accessing websites, blogs and other social media channels, more using their mobiles or smartphones than through desktop or laptop. So, when analytics is being implemented by a business, it must cater for mobile devices as well. There should be a tracking system for all the mobile activities. There are many tools available in the market that can really help to track down all the mobile activities.

Tip 4: Custom Metrics

Web Analytics generates data or metric and these metrics are generated by the analytical tool that is being used. Report may consist of details like number of people opened the email, number of clicks on an email, number of unique visitors to the website and much more. But, it would be perhaps very interesting to know that the user can generate their own custom metrics. These custom metrics are also called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it can be tailored according to the requirements. Analytical tools lets the user to evaluate their sales and conversion details. But with KPIs one can measure the reach, performance of each social media channels, revenue generated, customer behaviour etc. A combination of general metrics and custom metrics will let the marketer to get a deeper insight into their marketing activities.

Tip 5: Data Driven Decisions

Web Analytics generate a huge amount of data. But the data generated will not be of any use, if the organizations are not able to take any strategic decisions. The real objective of generating reports is to interpret them well and bring a huge transformation in the business activities. For example; if an analytical tool is indicating that the promotional emails are not being read by receivers, then organization can look for ways to change the subject lines.

Analysis will be considered successful only if it aids in decision making. There must also exist an integration of data. Organizations use various methodologies to collect all the details about their online business activities. An integration among all the departments and their respective data can help a business to organise their activities and make quick decisions. When businesses are gathering real-time data using analytical tools, it must be ensured that there exists a system which automatically makes decision.

There are numerous features existing within Web Analytics tools. Each tool has its own strength and weakness. It is up-to the organization to choose the best available tool, explore them thoroughly and implement them. As a result, businesses will be able to prosper further.

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