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5 Great Web Analytics Tips That Help You Prosper At A Faster Pace

5 Great Web Analytics Tips That Help You Prosper At A Faster Pace

Analytics is changing the way we used to see our business. How better I can serve you, is the major question that can help any organisation grow. It’s now easy to know your existing or potential customers with new technologies. With Analytics you know your customers to give them what they want. Here we discuss 5 great web analytic tips that help you prosper at a faster pace.

Get the right tool for analytics

toolUsing the right tool to dig in data and analyse is the key in making successful decisions. Depending upon the size of the company and the complexity of data, we have many web analytics tool available. The web analytics tool should be able to provide a qualitative as well as quantitative analysis. Data can measure the traffic, page views and other parameters. How we are able to make use of these data to derive to an intelligent decision is to be considered on priority. For which we require that tool which compatible with the increasing competition. A good web analytic tool should provide the following.

  • Faster and precise analysis of data.
  • Updated with the most recent technology and methodologies.
  • Ability to provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of data.
  • Flexibility to custom based on the requirements.

We require a robust web analytics tool to dig in and analyse complex data for large business. However free web analytics tools are available for small and medium sized companies. Let us discuss the major five web analytics tools available.

  • Google Analytics – This is most common and popular analytic tool, which is used by more than 50% of the top websites in the world.
  • Clicky – This is one of the real time analytical tools, which provides in depth detail of every sect of visitors. They provide heatmap data which is real time.
  • Crazyegg – Offers visual maps to identify the way visitor browse your website.
  • Twitalyzer – It’s a free analytics tool to measure the engagement of your twitter usage.
  • Facebook Insights – This provides the analysis of your Facebook activities based on the posts and interactions with the contents that you post.

 Right person for right analysis to make right decision


Skill and experience plays a major role in taking quality decision. We need data scientists with good knowledge in data management technologies. Ability to understand data algorithms and good knowledge in statistics determines the right person for the job. He should be able to understand nuances of the data and should be curious in getting more relevant data. A good data analyst is the one who have the curiosity and determination to find out the relevant aspect from the data, which can add value in decision making. He is both analytical and abstract. Good data analyst should have the skill to custom the tools available to derive or extract the most useful data. A quality analyst not only asks the right question, but will arrive at the right answer using an effective means, which is ultimately what the skill he posses. Right person on board can do right analyses for right decision.

 Tracking Mobile Users


The objective in analyzing  mobile page or mobile application is to provide better customer engagement in multi-screen environment. A large number of users that visit your site can be from mobiles. And the number is increasing with the advanced technologies. Mobile Apps have not only made online transaction customer friendly, but has contributed to the growth on online related business. The reach of any company is more with their mobile apps. Mobile and related technologies and applications has made the interaction better. So it is important that we track and analyse the data inflow from mobiles. Mobile analytics is importance because; it helps in optimizing the mobile version of website or application for better user experience. The various device used, the percentage of visitors from those devices and their behavior can be identified. Thus we can plan better marketing strategies for mobile users. Various tools like Google Universal Analytics are available to analyse the data from mobiles and related applications.

 Tracking the right metrics


Analytics metrics helps to categorize the data based on various parameters. Using the right metrics gives you the quantitative data for your required analysis. Every possible behavior of user can be analysed with analytics tools. Various tools provide various metrics, depending upon the goal we set. For example the key metrics that Google Analytics provided are Visitors, Page views, Bounce rate, Traffic sources, In-page analysis etc. Thus every aspect that are required to optimize your website can be separately identified using this metrics. Good metrics should be consistent, faster and economical.

 Focus on Data-Driven Decisions


It is found that the companies that take data-driven decisions are far more productive and profit-making. Better decisions are important for product development, advertising or in providing better service. Quality data tells you what is happening in your business and with that of your competitors. Analysing this helps you know where you made mistake. Data gives insight on what your customer needs, and what can help then engage more with you. The source of the data, its quality, your approach towards the data collected etc matters to reach to the right decision.

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