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5 Hacks To Nail Success of Your Facebook Page

5 Hacks To Nail Success of Your Facebook Page

Lately, all the rage has been about Facebook ads and how to skyrocket the Facebook reach at lower cost. But the fact is that you can still get awesome results with Facebook for FREE if you know what you’re doing. Also, Facebook frequently makes changes to its News Feed algorithm, making organic reach a bit more difficult for brands. Of course, it’s only natural for Facebook to enhance its platform to ensure the most relevant and genuine content gets to the right people, but that also means marketers need to adapt alongside it. In other words, they need to get scrappy.

So here are some tips and tricks to nail success of your Facebook page.

  1. Use Targeting For Organic Posts.

Did you know it’s possible to target audiences by location and language while posting —at    absolutely no cost at all? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to your Facebook Page Settings.
  • Using the “Preferred Page Audience” tab,  fix the target locations, age, gender, language etc.
  • Then under “General” tab, enable the option ” Audience optimization for posts “.
  • Now whenever you post you will see a globe icon, using which you can target your audience.
2.   Tag Other People And Brands in a smart way.

An easy way to spread your reach is to tag other people or brands in your Facebook posts. Thanks to a recent Facebook News Feed algorithm upgrade, tagging another Page improves your chances of being visible to that audience as well. Just be sure you  have a reason for tagging another Page, otherwise, a meaningless tag may lead to negative impact.

Here’s a good example of tagging other pages :


3. Write Specific Metadata And Page Titles.

Metadata and Page titles are a great way to provide information about the content inside. Metadata can be used to provide information to all sorts of clients in a short and creative way. Metadata and Page titles are the important factors deciding the click rate on a link since they are the ones which may or may not catch the reader’s attention. Therefore a catchy page title with a compelling description is advised.  When posting on Facebook, you probably sometimes modify the title and description in the linked content. The Content Stop suggests taking this a step further with the following advice: They say they are noticing a big upswing in engagement rates on clients pages from fine-tuning the metadata and titles of a post to serve a specific niche (of course the copy is killer as well), then advertising that to that niche via a $2–$3 post boost.

In a nutshell, personalized posts make people more likely to click through your posts.

4. Keep yourself always logged out of your Facebook account from all devices.

If you’re handling a Facebook page on behalf of a brand, it could be risky business to remain logged in to Facebook while you’re not around your computer. Your brand’s account will be vulnerable, as anyone can post to it. Maybe you’re working on a publicly available computer at, say, a hotel. Or maybe you logged in from a friend’s computer and left the session active. Not that your friends would do any malicious activity, but we’ve all read stories about social media mishaps that happened when someone took his or her attention off the Facebook account.

But there’s no need to panic if you forget to log-out from another computer or from your phone, just log in to Facebook, go to Settings, and click the Security tab. Here, select Edit on “Review and see where you’re currently logged in to Facebook.” In the drop-down menu that appears, select End Activity next to the locations you wish to log out of right away and, just like that, your page is safe once more.

  1. Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is a ridiculously powerful channel so use your Facebook page to boost your email list.

You can then use email marketing to extend your reach by linking to posts you make on Facebook in the emails you send. The Email-IDs of your Facebook friends can be imported into your email database. But you will need a Yahoo account to import Email – IDs of your Facebook contacts.

Here’s how to do it :

  • Log into your Yahoo account.
  • Open your contacts.
  • On the right-hand side, click on import contacts.
  • Beside Facebook option, click on import.
  • Enter your Facebook credentials to log-in and the Email-IDs of your contacts will be imported.

Therefore you will have a database of Email – IDs of all your Facebook friends.

Facebook reach is becoming harder to achieve as competition for attention on Facebook grows more intense but by growing your email list you can achieve sustainable growth and ensure your reach no matter what changes Facebook makes to their EdgeRank algorithm and Facebook pages.

Image Credits : sproutsocial

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