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5 Handy Tips To Leverage Google+ Hangouts Sustainably

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The crux of any business is to keep their customers intact. Organizations use different means to achieve their objectives. Success does not come only by making a service available. One must device innovative strategies to give a personal touch to any course of action.

This era of social media, has altered the way the entire marketing scenario is viewed. Presence on social networking sites by uploading images and videos will not fetch the desired results. The connection between the marketer and the customer is very important. As part of various strategies, marketers use videos which is capable of grabbing maximum attention.

Google+ Hangouts is a new tool which has gained immense attention in the recent past. The whole idea of sharing videos which could be a discussion, an interview or a demonstration, has been made so convenient by Google+ Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts on Air

Videos are considered to be the most effective form of marketing. People can associate themselves emotionally and visualise the whole experience. Not only the leading brands, even smaller players or individuals opt for videos to reach out to masses and this is a good strategy.

One important thing that cannot be ignored is that these business houses miss out the very essence of this marketing tool and they face failure as the viewership of a video declines over a period of time.

This is where the concept of video content marketing comes into play. Hefty budgets are allocated to prepare the video, but organizations need to concentrate on video content marketing. Google+ Hangouts plays a major role in this area.

‘Google+ Hangouts on Air’ allows an organization or an individual to record a video directly. This video can be directly viewed over YouTube. Organizations and individuals can organise live video conferences which can be broadcast on YouTube, blog and websites using Google+ Hangouts on Air. Maximum 10 people can participate on Google+ for a conference or discussion and others can watch it live on blog and website. This feature helps in saving enormous amount of time spent on recording and publishing.

The following are the various aspects to be adhered to while implementing a successful Google+ Hangouts strategy:

  1. Tapping the right audience: Google+ Hangouts helps to tap the right audience for any product or service. While organizing a Google+ Hangouts, it is very important to identify the correct set people for whom the session would be useful. There may be many contacts in the circle, but choosing the right audience is mandatory. The contents of video also speak a lot about the organizer. The body language, expression and the whole presentation method will help to leverage the event. This would in turn lead to conversion of many prospective participants into clients. Understanding the customers requirement will help to nurture the bonding and force people to visit repeatedly leading to sales generation.
  1. Increased Reach: Google+ Hangouts ability to reach out to a large number of people is its biggest advantage. This strategy can be made even more interesting when the participants get to speak to some important personality like celebrity chefs, political figures etc. Important personalities can be requested to join in the discussion which will result in increased participation from people and thus the resultant reach will also be beyond imagination. This strategy of making influential people speak, helps to build the trust factor among the visitors which will help in leveraging the brand’s value. As a result the page rank will also improve.
  1. Quality Content Ideas: The contents can be modulated according to the hosts’ requirement. Hangouts on Air can be used as an influential tool to generate authenticity of the entire content. One can partner with experts from a particular field and use Hangouts on Air to connect to people. Inclusion of authoritative people in discussions will generate authoritative and quality links. This will help to boost the brand. Using “Google Trusted” influencers would also result in increased viewership.
  1. Understanding the requirements: Google+ Hangouts allows the user to understand the requirements of the participants and can acquire immediate feedback on various products and services. Google+ Hangouts allows to strengthen the bonding between the host and the participants because of live discussions. Organizations can use Google+ Hangouts to give product demonstrations and to carry out marketing campaigns for its services. Organizations can team up their sales and service teams which will help to improve the co-ordination between them. Clients can use Hangouts on Air to project their feedback, post their comments or to share their experiences with the organization.
  1. Transparency: Businesses can organise live streaming of Q&A sessions, interviews, conferences, meetings with team members and training sessions etc. The most important aspect of Google+ Hangouts is that it is created by self which helps in gaining trust. For example, Google used Google+ Hangouts on Air to show the events happening behind-the-scenes to convey what is it like to work for Google. Google uses Hangouts to carry out recruiting as well. All these courses of action provide authenticity and transparency. Hangouts presents the personality of an individual. If the viewers are impressed then they will always come back. This is the biggest advantage of keeping everything transparent.

The following are the important tools that can be used to check the performance of Hangouts on Air:

  • Anticipation: Before commencing or organising the program on Google+ Hangouts on Air, one must generate lot of anticipation towards the event. Leave personalised messages over emails, LinkedIn and invites to people in your circles about the upcoming event. Be specific to project on what is going to be featured and how the attendees would get benefited. 
  • Quality: The quality of image and audio should be good. One should invest on high quality microphone and a good web cam. These will help people to appreciate what they listen and what they see. 
  • Advertise Properly: The pre and post promotion of an event is very important and this can be achieved by allocating a smaller budget. One can promote the video over various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc. as the reach will be high. 
  • Google Ripples: Google Ripples allows the user to identify the sharing and re-sharing of a video. It also helps to find if the sharing has happened in some other language too. The reaction towards a content can be gauged using this tool. After identifying the performance of a content, one can make required changes to improve it.
  • YouTube Insights: The biggest advantage of Google+ Hangouts on Air is its ability to upload the video directly to YouTube and YouTube is one of the most widely used medium. YouTube has got its own analytical tool which is called YouTube Insights which provides complete details of who is watching the video and from where.

Videos uploaded on YouTube should be optimized in order to increase the viewership. One should use appropriate keywords. Captions and texts should be included in the video as this will help the video to appear on top during YouTube searches. Important happenings and information should be highlighted so that viewer can go to the relevant part directly.

Google+ Hangouts is loaded with numerous features which can be of great help to boost a business. The videos have far better reach than the text content. The videos uploaded get more and more viewership even after the event is over. Hangouts can be used for a public event or can be used for a private conversation. Utilising Google+ Hangouts in an efficient manner can attract more and more people which helps them to take instant decisions towards a product or service.

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