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5 Helpful Tips To Leverage LinkedIn For Business Growth

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5 Helpful Tips To Leverage LinkedIn For Business GrowthLinkedIn is the most popular online tool for professional networking, lead generation and marketing. Research studies show that about 94 percent of small-medium companies use LinkedIn for marketing to find new customers;  finding new customers is their top most challenge in their business.

Prospects on LinkedIn develop their impression on us based on our LinkedIn profile. We need to make our LinkedIn profile impressive to our prospects and project our business as something that could be helpful to solve prospect’s problems.

Although many people use this network to enhance their professional connections worldwide, only few people realize the power of LinkedIn and utilize this network to its full potential. This social networking site is an amazing tool to market product in business-to-business (B2B) space.

Here are 5 most helpful tips to leverage LinkedIn for business growth:

1. Personalize LinkedIn URL with name

This is one of the most important aspects that we need to care about when we set up our LinkedIn account. Do not use default LinkedIn URL. Use customized URL with our name in it so as to make it more search engine friendly. We can use this personalized URL included in our email signature, printed on our business cards or on letter head. We can consider using occupation or some related keyword also with our name. It is easy to use occupation if that can be written in one single word. All these steps would help us to bring our LinkedIn at the top of the search results. If our name is a common one, then we need to reserve our name on LinkedIn before someone else claims it.

When our sales representative call our prospects, ask them to spend few minutes on our prospect’s LinkedIn page to understand the area of subjects that they are interested to have conversation in general besides our core business topics.  This will help us to prepare well for our meeting with that prospect.

2. Do not add all the connections at a time

We need to make new connections on LinkedIn but we should never overdo it. Do not connect with too many people at a time. This approach will never help us on LinkedIn. It would rather affect us negatively because it may sometimes go against the LinkedIn user policies. LinkedIn will warn us the first time we make this mistake and if it is continued even after that, then the account would get blocked by them automatically.

We can categorize Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts as a part of a large social media network and LinkedIn as a totally different platform for professional networking. We need to keep this difference in our mind when we start using LinkedIn network for our business.

3. Personalize the connection request message

To get effective and quality leads, we have to build up larger network of connections on LinkedIn. We need to make it as a daily routine to follow up with people whom we met during our business meetings and invite them to connect with us on LinkedIn. Always send personalized invitations and do not use the default LinkedIn message.

5 Helpful Tips To Leverage LinkedIn For Business GrowthMost people simply click on connect tab and use the generic request message as it is without making any change in it. That is the biggest mistake that we could do on a professional network like LinkedIn. Do not ever use generic request message because such practice would portray us as a lazy marketer who does not want to spend some time to make it personalized and impressive to the person that we are trying to connect to. This will create a negative impact, especially when we do not know much about that person.

It is worth spending few minutes to personalize the invitation and make it more appeal to people to whom we want to connect. If we already met that person in the past or if we are connected with that person through some association or campaign then let them know that to get accepted well. To make more connections on LinkedIn, link your contact database to your LinkedIn profile and invite friends, colleagues, prospects and customers to connect.

4. Use 3 free back links on LinkedIn

These are the spaces given on LinkedIn profile page to add web blinks. Every LinkedIn account has places for adding links for company website, blog and a Facebook URL. Here we can add links at appropriate places. The good news is that LinkedIn leaves its links open to indexing by Google and that way we can get better search ranking to our websites on Google.

5. Upload a professional photo

Create a professional photo for your LinkedIn profile. Invest some money to get it created by a professional photographer. This photograph should show that we look straight at camera and we actually make an eye contact with a person who is going to view our profile. Do not use photos with spouse, friends, kids or pets. Do not use default generic image shown on LinkedIn too. Get a photograph professionally shot and we can use the same photograph on LinkedIn page, our website, Twitter account and other professional networking sites as well.

It is  recommended to include our non-work related experience such as social service, volunteer experience etc also on our LinkedIn profile. Mention about our activities in local networking group or association because all such information will help us to connect with people within the network.

It would a great idea if we could include an impressive headline that briefly explains how our company would able to help customers and solving their problems. We can add up to 120 characters to describe about our business in this headline so better make use of this option. If required, incorporate few suitable keywords in our headline as that would help us to gain better results in our inbound marketing efforts. In the summary section, we can add a more detailed description about the headline we included.

5 Helpful Tips To Leverage LinkedIn For Business GrowthIt is highly recommended to take recommendations from our satisfied customers and associates. We can effectively use these recommendations to convince our prospects that how could we help them solve their issues better than others. LinkedIn has a fantastic system where we can recommend people based on our experience. When we recommend someone on LinkedIn, they will be asked if they would like to recommend us. In most cases, people reciprocate to our recommendation and they recommend us as well. When we have more recommendations shown on our LinkedIn profile, our prospect would become more confident about our service and capability. We can use request recommendation tool to ask for recommendation from our connections. Do not use the default set message to send a request, rather customize the message as per the requirement.

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