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5 Inbound Marketing Mistakes That Can Shut The Doors Of Success For You

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So you just got on the inbound marketing train and are really excited by the opportunity. Well, you have reasons to cheer because inbound marketing works when done right. On the road to success, it is important to avoid pitfalls. Here are 5 inbound marketing mistakes that can shut the doors of success for you – so stay clear of them.

Mistake #1: Trying to do too much too soon

multitasking-1When you begin something new it is natural to be excited about it. Excitement is fine, over excitement may hurt. Move ahead with the understanding that inbound marketing is a not a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you will try to do everything in a hurry and try to accomplish a lot in less time, you will be disappointed. Having high expectations is good because it gets you motivated and that’s awesome! Aim for the sky and execute one by one.

Rather than starting with blogging, social media efforts, website optimization and email marketing all at one go – give 1 or 2 months to each one of them. During this time create a good foundation for one action item and set processes in place. Once it is done, move to the next. Within 6-12 months, you will be working simultaneously on all important parts of inbound marketing and start seeing results for your efforts.

Do not try to do all by yourself. Engage experts and hands it over to them to support your inbound marketing efforts. With this, success will come faster without too much hassle for you.

Mistake #2: Not having a plan

‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’ – Benjamin Franklin

It is important to plan your actions beforehand for each channel, which you plan to use for your inbound marketing efforts. For example, your blogging plan may include,

  • Hiring new writers
  • Setting up submission process
  • Defining process to arrive at new blog topics
  • Goal for published posts every week
  • Goal for comments and social shares for every published post
Mistake #3: Not leveraging what you already have

New inbound marketers do not think of optimizing the resources that they already have. If you work with your available resources then you can do inbound marketing without any hassle.

There are lots of traditional marketing resources that can be used to fuel your inbound marketing efforts. Here are some ideas,

  • Your print newsletters can be converted to email newsletters.
  • Your trade show banners can be converted to images that can be used online.
  • Content in your brand’s brochures can be used to create new pages or to add info to existing pages on your website.
Mistake #4: Thinking that inbound marketing can be done without a blog

BlogSignBlogging is at the core of a successful inbound marketing plan that’s why, you should not put it off. Two important benefits of blogging are listed below:

  • When you add new pages to your website in form of a blog post, you create a new gateway for search engines to reach to your website, which means more traffic for your website and more prospective customers for your brand.
  • Through blogging, you are able to showcase your knowledge that makes it easy for your customers to trust you.

To get the best value from your blog posts, always add calls-to-action (CTA) towards the end. The CTA can be used to generate leads or email subscribers.

Another important point – understand your audience and write the blog posts they want to read. The content then serves the need of your existing and prospective customers. Each one of your blog posts should offer a takeaway that can be used by your customers.

Do not write whatever comes to their mind. Take time to understand your customers – survey them using tools like SurveyMonkey. Ask questions over phone or personal email. Writing without knowing your customers is like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim. When you do that you sink. Nobody wants that so do it the right manner. When you do it correctly, you will get the right traffic (consisting of potential customers and not general web surfers).

Mistake #5: Not reviewing and adjusting your inbound marketing plan

When working on multiple inbound marketing channels simultaneously, compare which channel is working better for you and put more efforts and money into that channel.

You need to track the success of your efforts with relevant metrics. The success of your blogging efforts can be measured by tracking blog post views or number of lead generated via your blog.

If you see that blog post views are increasing month-on-month then scale your efforts without changing direction. If the blog is not generating leads despite getting good views than you should learn about increasing leads. See what’s not working and change it. Obviously don’t change what is working but keep looking for new ways to improve.

Above tips will help you in not making any of the above mentioned mistakes.

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