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5 Incredible Social Media Marketing Tips For Every Business

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Social media is truly achieving its potential in India. The virtual world is ensuring that it provides technology catering to every aspect of being social in the real world. This provides a great opportunity for the businesses to tap into the growing base of prospects on social media, communicating to them about the business, engaging with them and converting them to customers. As easy as this process may seem, the intricasies are many. Here are five incredible tips that every business could use to make it big on social media.

1. Social Media Marketing Tip #1: Make foray

The first of thing to do to make foray into the lives of your prospects to understand the pain points and address them (only those that that your business can solve). Find communities, conversations, groups that are relevant to – your products, services; your prospects; your industry. Actively participate in these groups. Be helpful. Offer your expert knowledge. Answer questions. Give solutions.Ex. If you are into jewelry business, take part in blogs, converse on social networks by offering tips on price, designs and what suits best for the kind of people you are conversing with.

2. Social Media Marketing Tip #2:  Participate to solve, not to gain

Participate, communicate on social media to solve. Do not keep talking about your products / services. This will ensure that you always will be relevant to your target audience. You dont have to say how awesome the product is, you have to say how awesome people will become by using your product. For this, they need to understand that they have a problem now and there is a ready solution available to this problem – your product. Talk about the problem and solving it. Do not spam, do not participate in groups that are not relevant to your business. Ex. If you are a real estate business, dont talk about your new construction, talk about the amenities each apartment must have and how these amenities will improve the life of your prospects.

3. Social Media Marketing Tip #3: Start interesting Conversations

Communicate in an interesting way.Your prospects are not interested in your products and business. If they were, they did Google it out (if they dint know any products yet), landing on your website if your SEO was strong or landing on your competitor’s website. Since they are not doing it, its time to get their attention and what is better than starting a conversation that interests them? Ex. If you are a restaurant, do not talk about offers, rates and ambiance. You could probably talk about the ingredients of your dishes, its health advantages and how healthy ingredients could be tasty too and all these at competitive prices.

4. Social Media Marketing Tip #4: Be a part of it

Its great to find interesting content and building a conversation. The question is can you sustain it? To sustain, you need to be a part of the conversation, a part of every conversation related to your business. Encourage conversations related to your industry. This will widen your prospect base. Use these conversations to reinforce relationships, between your business and prospects; your business and industry. Ex. If you are into the business of adventure camping, you might have started a conversation on what would be the best place to visit for this weekend for camping. Answers might be flowing in. But it did be a waste if you did not actively involve yourself in giving out the pros and cons of each place.

5. Social Media Marketing Tip #5: Rewards and Recognition

The single greatest factor that pushes or motivate members to talk about you, to build conversations about you or to do any good to your business is to reward and recognize members who have been loyal to you or those who have helped you spread messages about your business thus resulting in your business’s awareness. Reward members who have helped you spread the word, recognize members who have influenced members to talk about your business or your industry. Ex. If you are into retail business focussing on eco-friendly products, reward members who have innovative ideas about being eco-friendly. Recognize members who actively take part in conversations related to being eco-friendly.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Good effort Manasi. Points 2 and 3 are invaluable and indispensable.

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