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5 Key Elements Of Inbound Marketing To Attract And Retain An Active Member

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Inbound marketing is a process for the people to find information, when they are looking for any query or want to purchase a product. Companies with the help of inbound marketing try to gain customer’s attention by using social media platform. At the beginning marketing was known as pressurizing customers to buy their products. Due to this many companies lost their credibility and reputation from the market. The emergence of internet marketing and it’s technique changed the concept of  marketing. This marketing strategy invented a different medium for promoting business, where prospects shown more interest and also  turned into sales. But now in this competitive edge, only social promotions are not enough to grow your business. Every business firm is switching themself to inbound marketing, and to stay in market you need to be different and unique.

Following are the most 5 key elements of inbound marketing to attract and retain an active member:

1. Understanding your customers:

To get success in Inbound marketing this is the most important fact to consider. Understanding your sales and your customers, makes your marketing more effective. For this you need to identify the requirements of customer, what they are looking for and if you match their expectations, you are the winner.

2. Content:

To retain existing customers and to attract the new customers, the website must contain good content. It doesn’t matters how attractive your website is and what is your rank in search engines. Thing which does matter is the content. Your content should be more attractive, and important points should be highlighted, because no one has time to read the whole page word by word. People quickly scan the document and select the best one, which is useful for them. You can also keep interest in your viewers by asking questions to them, or answering their questions.

3. Distribution:

Following are the ways you can distribute your content

  • Into this function, first of all create a content which is valuable and then you can distribute it in various ways, which includes Facebook, Twitter, videos, photos, blog posts, LinkedIn etc.
  • Crete a schedule which includes the current running programs of your organisation, as well as it also includes the upcoming news or events. This make your viewers stick to you.
  • If you don’t have a blog, make one for you where you can answers all the questions or can update yourself for your viewers.

4. Authenticity:

While running a website your answers must be from one single side, not from everywhere. There should be a one authenticated person who will be the lead of your inbound marketing strategy, other will play a supportive role. Social websites are the way customers reach to you, so if there is any comment or a question, reply to them. No response will create a bad impression for your website, and if any mistake or error found and highlighted by any viewer, accept your mistake and don’t argue on it.

5. Relationships:

Building relationship is the most important key to turn prospects into customers. Do not let your existing customers go away, while making new customers. For doing this, stop posting random posts over Facebook, every post must have an intention and purpose for the viewers. Search out for more prospects over Twitter and Facebook. To attract the prospects make your website an impressive one, because the first impression remains and hold the relationship for long. In your website put company’s value and aim it’s goal and what you have accomplished.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Thank you Rahul for nice post. Your post had taken me to nostalgia, where I could refresh my initial learning as an intern.

    • 5 years ago

      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Thank you Indrajit for your appreciation.

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