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5 Kickass Ways To Create Facebook Video Campaigns

5 Kickass Ways To Create Facebook Video Campaigns

In the fast paced life and competitive world, people hardly have time to read your complete ad unless it’s too catchy and innovative. What comes to the rescue of markers is Facebook Video Ads. It is considered as one of the best ways to connect with your Facebook audience. The social media giant offers entrepreneurs/businessmen a new marketing alternative in the form of Facebook video campaigns.

Video is comparatively powerful tool than content marketing as it directly connects people and helps them relate their needs, wants and demand in a short span of time. The blogs which strives to sell products and services takes much more time to persuade a consumer to go for the purchase as people at the end of the day want to see something that is unusual and uncommon.

So, brace yourself and start incorporating the Facebook ads in your marketing campaigns. 

5 kickass ways to start off your Facebook Video campaigns

Attract Target audience in first few seconds

target audience

With the presence of multiple varied posts in the Newsfeed, it becomes impossible for the viewers to read and react to all of them. The viewers on an average take few seconds to read the post or decide to watch the video or not. You need to be abreast with all the elements that catches viewer’s eye and persuade them to go for an effective purchase. Video ads are required to accomplish two essential elements – grab the user’s eye in just 2-3 seconds and the duration of the ad should be minimum 20 seconds in total.

However, it is seen that many video ads don’t successfully follow the above two elements and end up losing sales and potential customers. A video campaign that is clichéd, non creative, loud, uses logos or credits in the beginning and is of more time duration, then users automatically loses interest in an advertisement.

The success mantra to create an innovative video campaign is to show viewers something that would make them inquisitive and urge them to follow up the video campaign further also.

Boost consumer interest with the Thumbnail

With the introduction of auto-play in video ads, some Facebook users find the newly launched feature annoying and irritating. As a result, users don’t forget to deactivate the auto play option on their mobile devices. When you are making a video campaign, don’t miss the audiences who have already made settings to the video making feature.

In order to motivate the users to click on the video, make attempts to trigger curiosity with the thumbnail. Facebook has a feature that enables you choose from a range of images that is randomly selected from the video. If any point of time you find any of these images engaging, you can upload your own image for the thumbnail. You can do so by uploading or selecting a video you want to include in your ad. Once you are done with it, click on the Custom Thumbnail area.

Create a Video campaign that has multiple video audiences

Video Views

New age marketers have started creating custom audiences from video that has become quite popular to engage maximum customer audience.  You can create videos by incorporate two types of audiences – users who have watched the ad for at-least 3 seconds and the users who have watched at least 95% of your video.

There was a time when these custom audiences were effective and could be used in a variety of ways. However, some glitches were occurred in the process later on.

There is one instance where the video needed to have at least 1,000 plays in time duration of 24 hour that was not easy for the advertisers with small budgets.

To tackle the unprecedented circumstances, Facebook has fortunately updated the custom audience feature. You have the facility to create custom audiences from video based on the following levels of engagement:

  • 10 seconds watched
  • 2 seconds watched
  • 50% watched
  • 95% watched

Optimize the Video Views To Get Maximum Reach


When you thought to build a video campaign for your product, you need to decide an objective that helps you in optimizing the video views.

If you want to optimize video views, you need to run video ads that generate conversations, drive traffic and help you get effective post engagement. However, though the bulk of traffic generations use the links, Facebook relatively has more user data for these combinations. In such a case, the algorithm process becomes more complex to find users who will click on a video ad to visit the website and hence, you might experience a slower ad delivery and reach of your product campaign.

One of the best ways to eliminate this problem is by choosing “to set Video Views” as the ad objective. Also, Facebook would be able to easily identify users who are likely to watch the video. It would definitely boost the reach of your campaign.

Facebook offers you another benefit in choosing the Video Views objective. Suppose your campaign aim is to generate clicks and conversations, Facebook would show the ad to users who are likely to click on a link than users who are likely to watch the video. Hence, there is a high tendency to witness a very low video retention as most of the users generally click on a link without watching the video.

Aim mobile devices only when connected to Wi-Fi

Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

As I have discussed in the above points that there are several users who have already deactivated the auto-play option to save data on their mobile plans, you might miss on potential customers. However, there are also users who have not deactivated the auto-play option and if their connection is slow, their video may stop playing.

If your video stops playing in the middle and it occurs to customers on repeated intervals, then it may create a bad experience for viewers and they may end up following the ad. In other words, you may have to pay for an impression/click that got wasted.

But don’t worry folks; you can easily avoid these issues by targeting mobile devices only when they are connected to Wi-Fi. You can do this by selecting the placement at the Ad Set Level of your campaign.

However, some people are of the opinion that this option may reduce the potential reach of their campaigns. But that’s not true at all. If you try experimenting Facebook’s Estimated Daily reach tool, you can evaluate that by only selecting the Wi-Fi option would not make significant differences in the estimated reach.

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