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5 LinkedIn Mistakes That May Block The Way Towards Success

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photo_about_us_hero_646x220_v1LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network with over 300 million users in 200 countries across the globe.The mission and vision of LinkedIn is simple and that is to connect world’s professionals to make them more productive and efficient at their work. As one joins in LinkedIn, one gets hold of updates, jobs, news, people and most importantly insights into opportunities in present context. Therefore, when used optimally it has the potential to deliver great results whereas when not utilized in a meaningful manner, it can prove hazardous.

Here are 5 mistakes people commonly make on their LinkedIn profiles:

MISTAKE 1- Incomplete Profile

First and the foremost mistake people make is that their profile picture is absent. Profile  visibility of users increase up to several times when a photo is attached along with it because the assumption goes that if there’s no photo, it’s either fictitious or something is wrong and professional people don’t wish to waste their time on such profiles. A photo gives a personal appeal to the potential recruiters and acts as a catalyst for personal branding. A no photo profiles are therefore, not easily considered for the informal recruitment which takes place through social media and has become the scheme of the day and thus translates into missed connections. People are also advised to upload a professional photo. Photos with pets, loved ones or anything else or a  picnic cropped photo is a strict no. Besides, LinkedIn does not have a built-in spell checker so one has to careful with spelling mistakes.

MISTAKE 2-Not creating a unique LinkedIn URL

Not many people know that LinkedIn provides the users with a facility to create their own unique URL address. Thus, not many people bother to it. Default URL looks like marykom456788. Therefore, one should definitely customize it and keep it as close as possible to first name and last name. One factor which needs to be considered is that LinkedIn is meant for personal branding in professional sphere and therefore do not create your URL with products you intend to sell or company with which you work. Avoid nicknames and usernames as well.

MISTAKE 3-Skipping Summary

Today recruiters can find a whole lot of people with same educational qualification, similar backgrounds competing for the same job. Hence to mark space for yourself in the online space provide a summary in the resume. This summary acts as a tool to give voice to your thoughts and opinions which are the only distinguishing factor in present competitive world. Make use of this space as creatively as possible to give yourself an edge with prospective employer.Also ensure that it is written in first person to give it a personal touch and energy.

MISTAKE 4- Lurking

It is not enough to create your profile and think that potential recruiters or prospective business partners are going to find you, and would be struck by your brilliant profile and hire you. One will have to work on it and work hard on it. Joining relevant groups is one such step. Being aware of the industry personnel one wishes to get into is always an added advantage. Following your dream companies is another step. Looking and observing about who’s entering and who’s leaving might prove beneficial but sitting with crossed hands is not going to help in any manner.

MISTAKE 5- Stop Lying

One might pretend on Facebook about the kind of life one leads and put one’s best face forward, but LinkedIn is a social media space where only honestly is the best policy. Any bluff or misrepresentation is the greatest sin and has the potential to ruin careers. It’s discomfiting to meet someone who vastly differs from his online avataar. So, the rule is if you are bald in real life, you should also be bald on LinkedIn. Fudging your education or your skill set is a strict no as the rule of thumb in professional networking space is although the online stretch might seem like a world of strangers but the fact is it is truly a smaller room than you think.

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