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5 Major Search Engine Marketing Tips For Small Business Websites

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These days almost every business big or small has its online presence. Search Engine Marketing is adopted by even small businesses to increase the sales and build the brand. Here are few Search Engine Marketing tips for the small business websites which can help them to optimize their campaign:

1) Make Your Online Identity: It is very important for a small scale business to represent itself in a way that it should get noticed against the big brands or the competitors. For this, the business needs to highlight its ‘niche’ factor in terms of service or product it provides. Moreover, the quality of the website should be very good. It should have original quality content, relevant keywords and landing pages which will help it to attract visitors and also help in conversion.

2) Research Relevant Keywords: As a small scale business enterprise, it is very important for you to do enough research on the keywords with which you want to link your landing pages. The keywords should be such which most importantly relate to the niche factor of your business, they should be relevant to the landing pages and to the business industry to which you belong. Once you have decided on your keywords, you need to spread them  across your content on the website, it should also appear on you ad copy. One needs to analyse the performance of different keywords and its also important to keep changing keywords periodically as they lose their popularity very soon.

3) Content Marketing: It is a very important aspect of search engine marketing. The content should be designed keeping in mind the target audiences. Moreover the content should be fresh and relevant, this attracts the customer as it gives clarity about the product and helps in conversion. Content quality and freshness is also important to get good search ranking as the search engines continuously inspect the quality of content, the presentation of the page and its freshness and accordingly give ranking to the pages.

4) Pay Per Click: PPC is a very good way of improving the visibility. One can bid for a particular position on the search page. This is a good method for a small business to get its appearance  on the same page as of the big brand competitors. Moreover, PPC campaign charges are based on the clicks so it controls the expense and budget can be fixed for the same. For a successful PPC campaign, business should always consider to add negative keywords in the search settings, should set up Re-marketing to give visitors a brand recall.

5) Website Analytics: Its very important to analyse the campaign and its various aspects. Many analytic tools are available which provides reports like on performance of different keywords,reports on unique visitors for each ad campaign. This analysis helps to set budget for keywords, to rule out non performing  ads or keywords.It can help you to find the prime time when landing pages make maximum conversions. Hence by this analysis you get a chance to optimize your campaign by making required changes.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Simple and straight guidelines. Very good.

    • 5 years ago   /   Reply

      Interesting Post ! Hope it help a lot for a new bee to understand about SEM and one who works in
      online social media marketing

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