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5 Websites Which Manage Search Engine Marketing Most Effectively

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If the number of websites on the Internet keep growing at the same rate as of today, we will probably cross 1 billion websites on the web by the end of 2014. From 1 website in 1991, we have reached nearly 673 million websites in 2013. From 2011 to 2013, in just two years, the number of websites nearly doubled. Even after putting aside 75% of the websites which are idle, there are 175 million websites which are vying to drive traffic to their own websites. The trends depicted below clearly show the exponential growth of websites over its lifetime.


Now, you will be surprised to know that 50% of the total search clicks are captured by just 500 websites. This further deepens the challenges for marketers to reach potential customers. One can now easily understand how challenging it will be for a new website to break through the clutter of the existing websites and make itself renowned on the web.


But there are 5 top guns in the web sphere, which have converted themselves to a brand beyond mention. These websites, mere 5 in number, attract a staggering 20% share of the total search clicks. It is impossible for an internet user to not have browsed through any of these websites during his visit to a search engine. Led by Facebook, the other top 4 websites which capture the largest share of search clicks are YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Amazon.


As can be easily noticed, the top two websites. Facebook and YouTube, are primarily social media websites with global footprints. These websites clearly suggest the growing popularity and impact of social media among the internet users. Moreover, these websites drive maximum traffic from the youth segment who are all over the web and spend a major share of their online presence on social media.

After the social media, we find the presence of the “Yahoo” which is a multi-purpose website with features like News, E-mail, and Messaging etc. Internet users find Yahoo as a one stop solution for multiple queries and take appropriate action. The next stop for highest search clicks is the most popular educational platform on the Internet today which is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is endorsed as the first choice for the Internet users seeking to find authentic first-hand information over any topic. Followed by Wikipedia is the e-commerce global giant Amazon. With the growing popularity of online retail, consumers are placing more and more orders through e-commerce players like Amazon and getting the orders delivered to their homes.

Similarly, we have 5 websites which rule the paid search clicks. There were 5 websites which captured 12% of the total paid search clicks. In this category, Amazon accounted for the greatest share with 4.19%, followed by eBay, eHow, BestBuy and Yahoo shopping. It can be easily seen that when it comes to paid search, e-commerce websites are ones which drive the maximum traffic. This is why when we intend to buy something online, there are a number of paid search which are displayed at the top of the search results.



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    • 5 years ago

      Siva Krishna Kota   /   Reply

      This is an eye opener with figures who wants to get through the tough competition in the online market. Social Media platforms are there to rule for some more time with gaining more share as more users are hooked and spending more time on these sites.

    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Very interesting figures on the e-commerce websites, interesting, amazon is also one of the top five search engine result clicks, apart from Flipkart and snapdeal, e-bay too is trying to take the lead. The rest is obvious.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Data, sweet data, are refreshing. Nice statistics delivers new insights and hope. Can you please clarify the terms ‘paid search clicks’? What does it exactly mean? Those websites obviously draw huge visitors on daily basis. So far as it reveals, the visitors need not to pay any single penny to search items on those websites.

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