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5 Mobile Marketing Steps Of Sending Messages To Right Audience

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“How to word the right message to the right person at the right time?” is what every marketer is worried about. Cost efficiency is another factor which is of prime consideration. So what are the five most important steps which must be kept in mind before a marketer embarks upon the journey to a successful mobile marketing campaign. Staying ahead of today’s mobile savvy mobile users and keeping them engaged is the topmost challenge for marketers. With every passing day, it is becoming more and more difficult for the marketers to acquire new users and keep their attention with so many alternatives available.

In such times, mobile marketing is a powerful engagement tool to alert users of actions they can take, discounts and promotions. However, the marketers must also take care, that they do not end up behaving like spammers.

The five most important steps which can help a marketer identify his target audience are:

Step # 1:  Identify a specific target audience

After having set the objective and decided on what the goals would be or what is the end result we are expecting out of the campaign. It is most vital to understand and identify who the target audience is and then create marketing campaigns which speaks to the target audience directly. Marketing campaigns are not effective when they do not cater to the right audience. We have often seen people complain about how annoyed they are to receive unwanted messages or messages which do not appeal to them. It would be a total waste of both time and money, if the SMS does not do what it intends to do. So, it needs be very carefully worded and call for an action.

It is imperative to determine the criteria which the marketer must use to identify the consumers whom we wishes to connect to. Like all brands do not have a universal appeal, similarly all messages cannot have a universal appeal. Since brands are unique therefore, first of all it is important to identify the factors which will help to establish a better connection between the customers needs and the brands offerings.

For data mining, to begin with demographics like age, gender and geography must be used to identify who all would be the best recipients of the message. Secondly, targeting the beliefs, opinions, attitudes or intentions would be good idea. The primary objective behind this activity is to eliminate the people for whom the message is not relevant. With the elimination of these people, the marketer can focus on the consumers who are most apt for the product’s SMS’s. These people would ideally be interested in the products and would take some positive action on receipt of the message.

Step # 2: Identify your customer’s expectations

As a brand owner or marketer, we understand our product inside out but do we understand what the customer expects of us. For this the marketer, needs to put himself in the shoes of the consumer. By doing so, the marketer eyes his own product from a customer’s perspective. This can help the marketer find out his weaknesses, areas of potential misuse or things that the customer might find offensive. Having done this, the marketer can design a campaign which addresses possible brand concerns and objections before they occur.

Step # 3: Identify the best channels of communication

Once you have identified your target audience and what it expects from the brand. The next step is to identify which channels would be most ideal to communicate with the consumers. For exampler, for a local company looking to target local audience doesn’t need to run a campaign on the national level. Simply r

Step # 4: Time it right

Messages must be sent out at the right of the day.Using the local timezone, ensures the message is not sent at the wrong time, in the middle of the night or early morning. Timing of the message is also crucial. For instance,A restaurant owner, wanting to promote its restaurant must send a message by evening so  that all customers searching for a nice place to have dinner may land in your restaurant. If the same message was sent in the morning, the customer would have forgotten about it by evening.

Step # 5: Measure and Analyse the campaign results

Once the roll-out has been done, the marketer needs to evaluate the results to check if the messages reached its intended audience and what is the frequency at which the messages should be sent. This will help manage the frequency and avoid spamming. It will also help in getting if we were just spinning the wheels or were successful in achieving our goals. First of all, we need to go back to our initial objective. Based on the objective, we had set for ourselves, we can decide on the metrics that needs most attention.

Goals could be both short term and long term. Starting with short – term goals which could building a huge customer base, then the total number of text messages sent should be measured against the total number of subscriptions received. Once the marketer has fully evaluated whether the campaign has been a success or failure, he is in a better position to ascertain what clicked in the campaign and what was a miss. Thus when he is planning out his next campaign, he can maximize the success of the previous campaign. Lastly, the marketing must publicize the end result of the campaign. The success should be advertised both via mobile marketing as well as on social media platforms.

The marketer must not access the success of the campaign by measuring number of times the message was clicked. Many users do not act on the message as soon as they click it but may respond later. Thus the marketer should try to access how much time, it has taken for the consumer to respond to the message after it reached the consumer. When people are informed, what they participated in was a huge success, they feel very glad and this expression of appreciation encourages them to participate in future campaigns as they are the future target audience.

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